Address Checker to Help Find Real Address

Address Checker is an Intranet Quorum application, which enables easy verification and normalization of various mailing addresses throughout the United States based on USPS CASS requirements. With the help of Address Checker, one can: – verify a mailing address whether current or not; – check if the address is a match for any of the addresses in the database; – check if the address is a subset of a known address; – check if the address belongs to a group or multiple groups; – check if the mailing address belongs to a business address group or not; – check if the mailing address belongs to a certain company or not; – check if a mailing address belongs to a certain zip code or not. Address Checker application is available free on US Postal Service’s website. It is a reliable tool to avoid mail-related problems like identity theft, spam, bogus mails and many others. Address Checker helps to resolve all these issues effectively.

Address validation is a specialized service provided by different web service providers (WSP) across the United States of America. The main role of the web service provider is to validate or check a given address before sending it over the network. A majority of companies providing this service will send back a mail when the returns a negative or invalid address. These checks are done periodically on a daily basis and the users may check the database to validate a new address.

USPS for Address Checking

US Postal addresses are assigned by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to a specified individual or group. Every address that contains a postal address is referred to as a “mailbox”. The USPS maintains a large database of all of the mailboxes and other associated information. Address validation service providers validate or check a given address against the United States Postal Service’s (USPS) master database to make sure that it is original and correct. This ensures that the address is complete, up-to-date and matches the correct mailing address for the recipient.

The use of an address lookup tool may be required when the users need to check the mailing address of a business partner, client, relative, friend, employee or any other individual. It can also be used to check an email address for accuracy. An address checker helps in verifying whether you are having an exact match or not.

An address checker performs a lot of functions, some of which are mentioned below. The first thing to note about an address validator is that it performs a reverse search. In other words, it is the service provider’s way of verifying whether you actually have a mail box, a phone number or a fax number in use by your customer. Most of the time, people use the services for verification purposes, such as when they have to apply for credit cards, mortgages or insurance.

Another use of an address checker is in verifying electronic mailing addresses. This can be achieved by bulk verification, which is a more reliable method than telephone directory assistance, in most cases. Bulk verification, as the name suggests, verifies a large number of mailing addresses using various criteria, such as the post office, ISP and even social security numbers. A majority of people check their mailing addresses via internet. Therefore, it would not be surprising if the same process is applied to verify electronic mailing addresses.


Bulk verification, however, can generate false positive results. If the company only uses a small portion of the population, then the exact match may not be achieved and may actually create false negatives. If you do not have an exact address search in mind, then you can always use the service to check the area code of the recipient.

Some address checkers also allow a user to manually check the state data of a recipient. This service is referred to as “state file check” and can be used to check whether the email was sent from a state in the United States, for instance. State file checker automatically fills the state data into the database, so that you can determine if the email was sent from a state in the United States or not.