WOW ……..
You are just as your customers
claim (in their testimonials*) !!!!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to a very long and
‘healthy’ relationship with you and
your company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blessings and a GREAT BIG THANK YOU HUG!!!!!!!!!!
*And I haven’t even finished reading
them all. I had to stop at some point and
just order the product and find out for

The maca chips are very interesting product. It’s a kind of granola, and it is much more delicious than maca is normally. I think it may turn out to be the most versatile maca product yet. I made a cereal with Maca chips and Goji berries like you recommend for breakfast. It rehydrates well, and the lift is… well, otherworldly! A truly divine food.

My first experience yesterday with the schazandra: I made some tea and
felt so great when I had just finished drinking it that I decided to eat
the berries at the bottom of the cup. It was a wonderful euphoric
feeling. That’s some good stuff. Also, since I have been taking your maca powder, I am soooo happy to
report that I feel so much better than I had been feeling in the last
umpteen months. I no longer have the jittery, anxious feelings. I am
much calmer and sure of myself, and very happy home with my kids in the
evenings. I enjoy my family much more now and they enjoy me.

I wanted to thank you for turning me onto Kava and convincing me of its safety. It has had a miraculous impact on my outlook on life. I recently went through a bought of pretty serious depression and started taking the Kava I got from you. I immediately began to feel better 🙂 . A few days later the depression and anxiety were gone. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas,
(I am very proud to post this testimonial here…as this is exactly how I think about kava also. Way to go buddy! The kava is now found here:)
I tried your gelatinized macca this morning for the first time – it is
now mid day and I feel great and have been feeling great all morning. It
appears that everything you wrote about it is true, I just pleasurable,
delightful and happy. Thanks so much for being our ‘guinea pig’ (smile)
and sharing your experiences with us.

Let me tell you that it’s not often in this life that one buys something and it actually EXCEEDS expectations. I’ve only tried a small selection from your entire range but that’s exactly what I think about each of those products. Basically, I don’t ever want to be without any of my ‘stuff’ now, so you have a very simple formula – if all your other customers think the same they’re gonna be coming back!

The hype on your web-site for the maca is dead-on accurate by the way. Have’nt felt this fine in a coon’s age, even my mental clarity is sharper. There’s nothing scarier on this sweet planet then a clear-thinking, middle-aged Ontarian. Thanks for the info and superb goods.

I trust things are well with the Herb King. Just a line to let you know that I’ve ordered some more Gelanitized Maca powder. I actually like the Raw (standard) stuff almost much but it seems to put me in such a constant state of sexual arousal (which, as I’m coming up 47, is no bad thing!). The downside, however, is that I’m ‘without woman’ at the moment and so I’ve decided that I need to stay off it whilstever this is the case! The plain “Raw” gear is literally f*****g lethal once it’s in my system on the right ‘cycle’ and I reckon that I’m going to have to persuade any prospective partner to go on it herself in order to balance things out! Unless, of course, that she happens to be a natural nyphomaniac!
I’m biding my time but the way it makes me feel is possibly hornier than when I was a teenager!
That aside, Maca is also great energiser, as you say and is a wonderful supplement for my training – so much so that I’ve cut out all the so-called ‘essential’ body-building supplements in favour of your own herb based varieties.

The maca you sold me last week is great! My mom wants some now

I’d like to order 2 kilos of Maca Monster and 1 kilo of Gelatinized Maca and I’d like to pay through Pay Pal. I went through the other Maca you sent me so quick because my sister and my boyfriend are into it now too. It’s great stuff!

You got the best herbs Ken! Thx so much again!

It’s been a couple of years now that I have been taking maca and I have no plans to stop anytime soon, this stuff does wonders for your soul, you just go around feeling good all the time

You may find other supplements that are cheap or “sound good on paper” (and believe me, I’ve tried LOTS of stuff from LOTS of sources over the last 10 years). But you never go wrong with Ken. You always get more than pay for – even more than you can imagine.

Let’s face it: Ken is a nutcase (Thank you! – Ken) – but in a good way. He is a total fanatic about quality and service (and he even manages to keep his prices low). He is all about making people happier and better He does it totally out of love for his products and customers. To this end, he’s discovered and offered new things that you can’t even find in North America. He shows that you can succeed in this world without cutting corners or compromising.

Just wanted to let you know I have been taking the maral root and fo ti root and I LOVE THEM! They give me energy, clear thinking and a peacefulness during very stressfull times. I also noticed my tendon pains are less in my arms! Awesome stuff.
Please keep up the great work and providing the world such awesome products.

HI Ken, really enjoying your products. The Maca and the cacoa are amazing!

Did I mention I have been using Albuterol inhaler for 20 years 3X’s per day and since using MACA I have not used it once in 3 months????? I am so excited about that!!
(this is from a lady who has had asthma for 20 years, and since using maca she now no longer has her asthma! She also says before she started using maca, her “baseline” temperature in the morning was very erratic, and now since starting to use maca it is 100% normal and the same every morning, and she is very pleased about that too)

The Root of the Matter is no doubt one of the foremost purveyors of the highest quality ethnobotanicals and other healthful nutriceuticals in all of North America (and perhaps the entire world!). Your zeal in sourcing this array of fine products is quite admirable. Furthermore, your extraordinary attention to customer service makes your clents’ shopping experience match the excellence of your product offerings. It is a great pleasure doing business with you!
(Ken’s reply: “Huh? Who me? What does purveyor mean? What are ethnobotanicals and nutriceuticals? Does this have anything to do with herbs? But seriously…yes, I definitely think you are onto something here. These are totally totally awesome herbs!)

I thought I would update you on my experience with MACA and my
retired hypothyroid lab guide dog. After about a month on MACA, loosing 12 pounds, lots of exercise
he became overly romantic and would try to hump every dog on the
walkway. I cut him off MACA last week and he’s starting to
become less frisky to the point of almost socially acceptable.
(Ken’s comment: Awww c’mon, get him back on the maca right away. If he is becoming socially acceptable and not humping every dog on the walkway, it is a sure sign there is something wrong with him. Hilarious…Ha-ha! Priceless!)

KEN, you should hold customer satisfaction seminars, because everytime I
deal with you , you blow my expectations right out of the water…!
99% of the business’ in Canada should takes notes on the Ken Johnson way !
(yes, I like my customers a lot!…that is why I treat them so well! everybody should be like me! – thank you very much! – Ken)

I wanted to let you know two things: First, how in-freaking-credible Maca Monster is! Truly the best, cream of the crop of maca. In a league of it’s own. Thank goodness you found this rare treasure and share it with fellow maca fiends!
Second, I applaud you sir, for offering stellar, first-class, one-of-a-kind service not just through your business but more importantly, as a human being with true character and dignity. I want to let people on your website know this by sharing the postal debacle we both endured on my first order with you. I ordered 2 kilos of Maca Monster and not only did the first order get sent back by the overly paranoid american postal service, the returned order never got re-shipped to me due to “employment re-structuring” within your office. This process took about four months of phone tag with Ken to sort out and finally, the 2 kilos of Maca monster arrived and unbeknownst to me, two weeks later what shows up…the original 2 kilo package of “mis-shipped” Maca Monster. I was stunned and elated. Bottom line, Ken sent me 4 kilos and I only bought 2. Outstanding Ken, bravo, well done old chap! This is the guy I want to give my hard earned money to and I whole-heartedly recommend others do the same for these one of a kind stellar products!
Thanks Ken! I’m LOVING this tasty maca!
(Yes, please send me your hard earned money! If you have any friends who want to send me any of their hard earned money, please send theirs along too! In fact, everyone in the world, please send me all your hard earned money! Thank you! – Ken)

i am pleased to report that after 2 and a half weeks taking
MACA, i ran the most effortless TC 10K run in 10 years without
any training (I use this one run a year as a benchmark for my fitness),
took almost a minute and a half off last years run and have almost
returned to my pace of 10 years ago.

The herbs you have sent me are all wonderful and are giving me back my self. I never want to be without them again, in particular fo ti, schisandra, Natural Calm, and of course maca. Your maca powder is excellent. I like your maca monster very much, it has unique uses. I entirely trust your assessments – did initially, and absolutely do since using these (many superlatives here) things.

I absolutely looooooooooooooooove(emphasis necessary) your Gelatinized Maca,
it has the same smooth, nutty, milky, rich and addictive smell of Raw Maca.
However, it does not have the same bitterness(woohooo). I can almost eat it
right out of the bag, yum.

Just wanted you to know that I think this Gelatinized Maca is great. I got
it for my husband and after just one heaping teaspoon of the stuff mixed in
water, he told me that he felt great. He literally carried himself
differently the entire day. Can’t explain it. Love when I read the
testimonials about people who say that the Maca has a “deeper energy.”
Really rings true for me. Amazing stuff, Ken. Truly amazing emotional and mental effects.

Well thats a completely different man writing today and it has only been what… a few days on your supplements ? I’ve been taking 40 or so different kind of supplements for a few years now and I was starting to gain muscular mass ; but I lacked the energy and the essential muscle relaxation afterwards… your herbs and foods had truely everything my body missed because I feel tempered and about every of my physical attributes have improved significantly.
Here for the separate feedback :
Kava : Well I have to start with the kava because it is truely the supplement I felt the most benefits from, you haven’t exaggerated a bit about it ! I used to take some extracts in the past but your root is as powerful as the 30% kavalactone extract I used to take, and it does not make your mind sluggish or feeling indifferent. Five minutes after I take it I feel the familiar flushing sensation in the muscles, it is really fast acting and it has the added benefit of feeling “light and energizing”, I just can’t stop putting my nose in the bag when I open it, mmm ! It really makes you feel like flying ! Also if you have local muscular pains you can mix the strained powder with some rubbing alchool or oil and massage the paste deeply and then lay some cloth over it to create a poultice, it is surprising how fast this herb brings releif !
Gelatinised Maca : When I first opened the bag and got to smell it I kind of jumped back at it’s powerful pungeant aroma, I am very curious as to how much root it takes to make this extract but it feel at least twice as concentrated as raw maca to me ! It also does give me much energy and the comfortable “hot feet” and good circulation feeling… It feels pure, organic and the taste is really good ; I think it could even have culinary applications ! I’m very pleased as it mixes instantly and digests very easily, in a few minutes you can feel it’s uplifting and sexually stimulating properties, even with as low as one teaspoon. I recommand it strongly !
Goji Berries : For something completely different I would feel like composing a lenghty poetic devotional praise to this gift from heaven ! Almost everyone who got close to the bag seemed unaturally attracted to them, I even had to take it away at times ! *laughs* These are truely quintessential Gojis, we can feel the honor and care that have been put in their cultivation, preparation and of course their very strong nutritional qualities ! I love to eat them chilled because they get crunchy, then they magically seem to melt into a most pleasing fruity chewy texture which you just can’t get enough stucked between your teeth, I think it’s a blessing everytime I pick the little pieces out with my tongue… And they are psychoactive ! When the essential oil after-taste fills my mouth and sinuses I feel a rush of pleasure and an emotionally comforting caress from them, it’s not an alkaloidal tingle but a rather “happy body” exhillaration, thank you ! Can we order them by the kilo ?
Cocoa Nibs : That is the true taste of chocolate ! It is a blessing to have access to such quality products at this price, you can say goodbye to almost all food craving with this one… to me it is such a powerful and mostly underrated product ! They are very good straight out from the bag and mix deliciously with unrefined cane sugar making the best chocolate ever, its essential oils gives you kind of sugar-minty and slightly bitter nutty flavor (not anywhere as bitter as dark “chocolate”) ; when you get a handful into your mouth you realise how fresh it is and how beneficial it is to mental health. I feel the effects almost instantly and my teeth seem to involuntarly take pleasure into squeezing the juice out of them, the texture is so comforting that you know you are wating something real good for you, actually you can see it too looking at how they turn purple when they oxidise, these are the “feel good” and energising alkaloids ! An anti-depressant and fat-burning tonic with long-term energy release, wow !

(Note From Ken: I am shell shocked! When I first started this business over three yeasr ago, I never dreamed that one day I would be receiving e-mails such as this one. I remember back then when I was hoping that I would just receive ONE positive comment, just one person who would let me know he was not thinking negatively of me or my products. These days I am stunned with amazement at all the positive feedback that is written in (and this is considering that nobody even hears about all the comments that are PHONED IN!) about the products at The Root Of The Matter! I knew my products were awesome, and I have always been confident that one day others would think so also, but is is OVERWHELMINGLY gratifying to hear all of these glowing testimonials that are coming in these days. A BIG thank you to everybody who has taken the time to write in! VERY much appreciated. I am literally rolling around in a catnip-like daze. Have a perfect day!)
As I clicked the button to post this last comment, my browser gave me an error message that says I have no more room left on the page to post any more comments! I have filled the entire website page with all of my customer’s feedback. I have to start a new frame above the last one now to be able to continue posting any more comments!)
Your kava kava is awesome! my holistic practitioner recommended kava kava, but the stuff at the health food store did absolutely nothing. Totally crap.
(Editor’s Note: Update Feb. 14, 2006 – You may have noticed that our Kava Root has been removed from our website. That is because PayPal told us we can not sell it on our website if we still want to use PayPal for a merchant account. We are still selling our kava as usual, but now you will need to phone or e-mail in your order for it, that’s all. We are working on a way to have kava on our
website again. We may need to make a website especially for kava. If that is what it takes, that is what we will do.)

As for enjoying your products …. I am amazed at the difference they have made in the way I feel. So much more alert and energetic, more endurance in my physical activities, and much better (happy) mood. I just feel good all the time! 🙂 I am taking two teaspoons of Maca in the morning (with Cranberry juice …. very tasty) and one LJ100 twice a day. Thank you so much for making these great products available …. and at such a great price, to boot!

The products are excellent… Those are really good goji berries, and the cocoa is divine ! The kava is great and you were right about it’s smooth qualities (a liquid extract from this kava would make an amazing massage cream), the butea seems to have worked from day one too (I took two)

I love you man! I have yet to find anyone that I have EVER been a customer of to give as good a service as Ken Johnson of The Root Of The Matter Herb shop.Not only does he respond every time I inquire about something but he has the unusual habit of always throwing in something extra and special with each and every order recieved. I told him one time, rather non-chalantly on my part, that he had a customer for life. Well, with complete honesty and sincerty, he does have a customer for life. Please stay well Ken, cause your customers are relying on you. Thanks Man, from the bottom of my heart.

I am on my second kilo of maca and I have some
questions. For my first few months of use, my energy
and mental clarity was through the roof! In the third
month, my libido went into hyperspeed! I have been
wondering what alien landed in my body, actually.

I am a middle age perimenopausal woman. The Maca has made a new woman of me. Honestly I could do a commercial for Maca. Its sad Doctors are shoving hormones down woman’s face when Maca is such a safe and wonderful alternative. I even have my young 21 yr old daughter on it for PMS symptoms. Her personality changes are so pronounced I can tell when she skips a week without asking. I have taken supplements for years and the Maca has blown me away.

I am coming to the end of my 3 kg order of gelatinized maca from a few months ago (can’t remember when), and I don’t want to run out ! I am addicted to it ! Maca is the key to my energy – it has really lifted me out of the fog, so to speak.

I am your loyal (and happy) customer from New Zealand. I was advised by my american daughter to try maca to fight to menopausal simptoms (lucky you – you have no idea how some women are suffering!). The result is absolutely amasing! First time I have tried and then stoped when it’s finished -oh dear! All sinptoms are back!

Just by the smell alone I can tell your maca is good – so sweet, unlike others I have tried.

Hello Ken,
Just a bit of feedback re. the taking of Maca from you.
Firstly, we were amazed at how quickly, within 2 days, your stuff stopped dead the hot flashes
that plagued my wife for so long despite her using that HRT formula for so long that contained
some Maca and various herbs. She is wrapped. Your Maca feels very potent.
The Maca/herb formula never quite cut the mustard. It reduced the severity but they continued
in groups. She would get a day or two without then 1 or 2 evenings they would come with cursed
frequency. They would be the biggest curse for women in those yrs and can really dominate lives.
Maria had 2-3 weeks without Maca and then took yours and I repeat in 2 days flashes stopped dead. I’m
100% truthful on this, these last 2 weeks Maria has not had a trace of a hot flash. What a revelation!!
That alone was worth the cost.

All i can say is WOW, that gel maca is great , 10 times better than any
other maca i have tried…., very fine with a subtle taste….,
I never woold have thought there could be such a difference in maca
products…., but there is ….. yours is top notch.

I�d been suffering from pre-menopausal night-sweats for about six months. I�d tried all sorts of things before discovering Maca. Within about 3 weeks of starting Maca, the sweating disappeared. A couple of times when I went without for more than a few days at a time, I felt the night sweats creeping back. Then I ran out a few weeks ago and had to be without for about 4 weeks. By the 3rd week I was sweating every night like I had been 18 months ago. While I was waiting for my supply from you, I found out my mother still had a bit left that I�d given her. I grabbed it back and by the 3rd day of taking it the sweating had stopped again. I�m not going to let myself run out again.

I received my order yesterday afternoon and took a heaping tablespoon of both � it was so immediate! The hot flashes were gone and I felt really up. I guess I needed to go without to remind myself of how powerful maca and camu are!

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past two years.
The rhodiola rosea is working stupendously well for me. Nothing else I’ve tried that is natural has been able to put me to sleep until now. It got so bad that I even tried antidepressants but they nearly killed me so I went off all pharmaceuticals and just struggled along getting to sleep well after midnight most nights. If it weren’t for maca I would not have made it through my workdays. The gelatinized maca is awesome stuff and really keeps you going long after you’d normally quit. But now I’ve found that if I take 2-3 of the Rhodiola capsules at bedtime I fall asleep very nicely, and it also calms me and makes me feel more relaxed. It’s powerful stuff so I don’t take a lot of it. All of Ken’s products seem to have way more potency than any other brands I’ve tried.

OH MY! There is a HUGE difference in the quality compared to the Maca Magic. I LOVE yours TONS more. Totally different feel…same with the Kava. And, of course, I would rather die than be without the cacao! Many Blessings,

Hey Ken, how come I didn’t get a new Cadillac?? By the way, I told my friend about your product and she is THRILLED with the results! She had tried Maca before from another source without success for her pre-menopaual symptoms and fatigue. I suggested your website, and she is using your Maca regularly now and thanks me every time we talk. Your Maca is incredible and has changed both our lives! Thanks so much. (I hope you’re not getting a big head or anything!)

Here is my honest to goodness testimonial
I just wanted to let you know that the macca is nothing short of a
miracle for me. The longer I take it
the better I feel. This has been the fastest and most efficient
anything has worked on my fibromyalgia and the debilitating fatigue that comese with it.
My husband called me yesterday at noon and asked how
I felt and I told him that I felt
“normal”. I would also like to tell you that it has helped me tremendously
with clearer thinking, reduced my anxiety and has given me a calm and peaceful
energy. Since I have also been going through my peri menopause, I used to get
terrible night sweats that have now also disappeared. My moods are more even
and I don’t fly off the handle anymore. Thank you again. This is an amazing product.
Best Regards,
(Please note: the fact that this lady is now mysteriously driving a brand new Cadillac does NOT
signify that I gave her a “bribe”, or anything like that. This is of course all merely coincidental and I deny it completely…(Ken)

(rhodiola, kava, and kanna)
I have been going through a painful healing of an inflammed L5 Disc and these have helped tremendously for the pain. And my wife loves them, too.

p.s. Your kava is the best I’ve found yet. It helps me with my anxiety throughout the work day. Very thankful for it. My wife and I have noticed a positive difference in our bedroom life when we take the maca, also. Great stuff. Thanks again.

Hi ken, I hope you remember me. All I have to say about maca is WOW. This is really amazing stuff.

Hello Ken,
I really like your maca. It is a fabulous food. It makes me feel energized and grounded.

Hi Ken, thought you’d get a kick out of this….
My boyfriend loves the Maca! I was very pleased to hear he likes the taste and really enjoys it and after taking it for a week, with the Longjack100, he is feeling a difference. I actually asked him if he was taking “the blue pill” on the side and he swore he wasn’t. He calls these changes going from “Mach-a 1 to Mach-a 5”.
I think it’s great to see results so quickly and I like the idea that the Maca is a food rather than a “pill”. We both agree that the taste is REAL, of the earth, and feels almost sacred.
Thanks again for offering such great products!

Thanks so much for the Maca order, it straightened me right out. I went off
it for a couple of months just to see if there was a difference ( and also
because I didn’t take the once a week break). I will never go off it
again! (except for the once a week 2 day break) It really is a miraculous
product. I am a different person when taking Maca. Thanks so much.

kava is best I ever had, I ran out of capsules and went to Whole Foods to get some and no comparison!
Maca powder has increased my strength and stamina, I am 51 yrs old and am now swimming for an hour at a time doing laps in pool (crawl)!! I feel great. Thank you

Hi Ken,
I congratulate you. I tested you Maca with my Bio-resonance device in my own
body against maca from IGM. Yours gave a better index number.

I LOVE the Maca Root.

Thanks Ken – The gelatinized maca is awesome

I have to admit I was sceptical of Maca’s benefits, even after reading your floriferous comments and the testimonials, but I had read about its benefits elsewhere and decided it was worth a try. Although only in my forties, I had a partial hysterectomy a year ago. Recently, I have been having a great deal of difficulty sleeping with night sweats and hot flashes along with aching, restlessness and anxiety. I hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in months. I took 3 tsp. at noon (as soon as your package arrived). I slept that night better than I had in months. No hot flashes or night sweats; I felt relaxed and comfortable; it was AMAZING!! I feel energetic yet calm and happy during the day. It’s just incredible! I was the doubter, but now I’m the one writing the testimonial. God bless you and thanks so much, Ken!!

Hi Ken,
Thanks for the prompt delivery of the products I ordered from you. I have been interested in herbalism for many years and have acquired herbs from a variety of sources. Your herbs rank among the best I have ever used. Your American Ginseng, Maca and Tongkat Ali are remarkably fresh and potent. I congratulate you on your care for quality and freshness in the products that you sell. Your herbs have made such an impressive effect in even a few days that I look forward to following your future herbal explorations with great interest.

I ordered your MACA and it’s great, has really worked. The other thing is somewhere I thought you wrote that Rhodiola Rosea, MACA and Kava (I ordered yours and it’s great) were 3 of the most essential herbs. I must say I have to agree, and I’ve found Rhodiola to be fairly amazing, just thought I’d let you know.

Hey Ken, I hope you are doing well… I am new to maca and just ordered some from you about a month ago. The stuff is incredible and I feel energized physically and mentally. Thank you for the time and the incredible products. You definitely have a
customer for life…

I’m sure Thankful that my Wife is now taking Maca.
She hasn’t been troubled with red hot face since she started.

Hi Ken,
My partner and I have found your gelatinized maca to be of the finest
quality available. We have tried other types of maca powder and none
compare to the quality and taste of your product. Other types of maca
are very difficult to drink or ingest and usually have a bad aftertaste.
We have found that your gelatinized maca tastes great, easily blends in
water or other drinks, and is very potent in giving you energy, stamina,
and strength.
Thanks very much Ken

Everyone else is happy with the increased energy, which seems to be a problem with
most folks now days. I constantly hear “I have no energy”.
When I started taking maca I only needed one. Now, I usually take three
during the day, depending on what my activities are. I take one before I go
to weight train, and it really helps me stay focused and make it through
without getting real tired. Anyway, the word is out so now the next group
of people who heard from the others want to try it. I think they will be
pleased. Thanks,


Bonjour Ken
I bought maca from you 4 orr 5 months ago and I want to order more because me and my girlfriend are very satisfied ! It is very interesting especially with the taoist approch of the sexuality we cultivate at the same time. This is a great product at a good price.

I am a spiritual healer in private practice and am trying Maca on
myself before I recommend it to others. I can tell you that I felt the
effects of the Maca on my second dose. They were pretty mindblowing at
first. My sexual energy went through the roof. I could feel amazing
movement in my nervous system and could physically feel different parts
of my brain opening up. It seemed to accentuate whatever was going on
in my body at the time. As I am finishing the first bottle, the
effects have stabalized more. Now, I have a strong, healthy sexual
desire and a general sense of well-being as well as a feeling of being
more awake and clear most of the time.

Goodday Ken, received the Maca yesterday, was glad to have received it because I purposely let myself run out just to see how I would feel and believe it or not my energy level went down right away so I was happy when I was able to start taking it again. Did not take long for the energy level to go back up,

I can say with certainty is my digestive system is much more efficient as my bowel movements are regular for the first time in years. Additionally, my sleep patterns have greatly improved such that I retire earlier and get close to 8 hours of sleep per night about which I’m thrilled to pieces. By most accounts, the Maca Root powder is serving me well. SEND MORE!

Just letting you know that I recieved my cocoa beans in the mail today.
Thank you very much, they are delicious.

(Raw maca): Excellent product giving excellent results

Dear ken,
Thank you very much for the Maca sample, I loved the GM it taste great
specially with Mango juice, regular Maca got that strong turnip taste which
GM doesn’t. GM feels much better in my body I think my next order will be
GM, Even though I loved the organic maca u sent me I will have that as well
from time to time.
Thank you for these great products

I�m the guy from the Tacoma area who ordered a whole bunch of gelatinized maca powder and Chinese red ginseng from you in March. I�ve been taking them four months now and am very happy with both products. The Maca does give me a good sense of well-being and makes me feel calmer and happier.

Hi Ken,
The kava you sent is excellent, probably the best I’ve used anywhere.

(I particularly like this because it is what we really try to do – “Create Happy Customers” – Ken)
A happy customer always comes back!

Hi Ken–
Glad you remembered me…also glad you’re still in the MACA business…i really trust your product–it seems to be the best quality anywhere!
Though many things may change one thing remains: I love MACA! ;^)
Thanks again muchly!
Another happy customer,

Hi Ken, I have been taking Maca now continually for most of the year and find it fantastic.

(European Distributor): thank you, for taking care so nicely about everything. i feel , i have a 1.
class partner, who is fair and helping in any way possible.

I have just received my order and feel very pleased with your delivery performance, packaging and how quickly you responded. The products reflects good quality conditions, cleanness and properly sealed; that gave confidence in you. Thanks

Thanks Ken!
Just thought I’d share something real quick.
A few weeks ago I ordered a small container of **** ***** Maca Powder. I’d
been taking a couple of teaspoons a day for about a week. The taste was
fairly good (I’ve got strange tastes anyway, I liked the malty flavor) but I
didn’t notice any unusually benefiticial effect.
When your RootoftheMatter Maca came, I dumped a teaspoon of it in my mouth
and washed it down with some milk. My mouth said “Wow!” I really liked the
taste much better, it tasted more potent, and I felt a “kick” from that
single teaspoon. It was just a strong sense of energy followed with a sense
of integrated calmness. My body and taste buds just drank it in and said
I’ll keep you posted on long term benefits, and thanks again for having a
great Maca product.

“Integrated Calmness”…now that’s a cool description for maca’s effect – (I will throw in a $50 bonus for you and a trip to Las Vegas too…)

It is really a great
product. I had tried other brands of Maca that were nowhere near as good.

I stopped taking HRT when I started the Maca, its a few weeks now and I must say I am very happy with the results, feeling pretty good.

(1st letter): Hello,
I’m here in Okinawa JP.
I have been taking MACA ( Different Brand ) and I Knew that MACA is
Good for People, I have been taking about 5 Years.
But, I wasn’t very satisfied with the Product (*****) so, I
desided to search from the Internet and I think I Finally Found the
One that I’ve been looking for. I’ve read your Web Site………. I want Your MACA
(2nd letter): I like to Order some more Raw Maca
4Kg. I’m Enjoying my Maca so Much!! Thanks Ken!!


…as far as the galvanized maca, it is the best, alot easier to take, taste alot better and alot alot better on my stomach, I will be deffenetly be continuing mt quest for better health with the galvanized for sure, anyway have a good day, and a good weekend,

(Gelatinized maca): it was very
tasty! The best I ever tried.

I love the way Maca makes me feel. My wife tried it for the first time and she was amazed.

Hi –
I am one of ****’s friends who ordered the gelatinized Maca from you a
week or so ago. I am such a convert that I now wish to “turn on” some
other friends to the stuff.

(referring to gelatinized maca) I take it for the thyroid (hypothyroid) and have found it works
really well

Hello Ken, been a while since I started using the maca so I thought I would check in and let you know that my wife cannot get over how much evergy I have.

(referring to gelatinized maca): What a great product!

I have looked at other sites, *****.com, actually and I found your advertising and information more appropriate than theirs and others. Your info is well presented and appealing. GO KEN! I mean who can resist ‘Killer’ and the kitty! The only item that I did not find on your site was an explanation of the ‘gelatinized’ process and maybe I just missed it, but learned about it elsewhere. None the less, I look forward to trying the product. I was surprised and pleased at your quick response.

The respond on the maca is really excellent. At this stage every one is getting a 45 capsule sample to try out. PS: I have sold my second MACA today after my client had wonderful results with the 45 capsule sample I gave her.

I have been taking at least 10
capsules a day and am starting to notice some real differences regarding my
hormonal issues, which have always been a problem for me.
My husband has been using the kava too and I will need to order some of that from you before too long, too!

Dear Ken:
I think I am “addicted” to maca and can’t resist the “craving” for too long. Would you let me know when it is shipped? I am looking forward to it.
Thanks and have a nice weekend.
I am SO grateful for all your help in enabling me to continue using Maca Its the only thing that gets me through life!

(first letter) Dear Sir
I am at my father in laws house and he has recommended that I contact you for some advice. At present I feeling in low mood with symptoms of pre menopausal. I feel extremely tired and mood swings that change my enthusiasm.
(second letter) Dear Ken
The Maca is going well for me I feel great.
(third letter) Oh by the way there are a few people who will be contacting you as new clients they are midwifes who need Maca real bad!!
They cant believe the change in me. They said I seemed a lot more chilled and laid back now. Of course I told them my little secret.

Love the Gelatinized maca. Yes, Gelatinized maca seems to work more effectively while at the same time more gently. Think I’m going to stay with it.

Hi, Ken
Mmmmmm… It smells Very Different,
Compare to the One’s I’ve been taking!
I already like it!! talk to you soon.
Thanks again!!

I’m enjoying the maca and rhodiola very much. I have found that the
herbs in combination with an alkaline diet and as grain-free as
possible gives me fantastic health benefits. I have cut out bread
almost totally and including lots more greens (salads and vege’s) in my
diet. This provides optimum energy and mood lifts for me.
The grain thing apparently has to do with changing body chemistry to
stabilise insulin. It’s not the Atkins diet but has similar
principles. There’s a couple of book out on grain-free, the one I have
is by Dr Joseph Mercola and is very informative.
I thought maybe you could pass on this information to anyone who might
be struggling with weight and low energy. It’s a relief to be able to
understand why these things happen and how simple it is to correct
them. It’s just a matter of finding the answer most often.

Dear Ken:
Action is better than word. Reordering 3 Kg is how I think of your maca. Seriouly this is the first time I use maca and I am quite satisfied with the results. Overal I feel my engery level improving. I did not try other vendors maca so can not comment quanlity wise yours is better or not, but definitely it is among the best. Also the price is reasonable, although I did miss the special price for the first 100 bags!

I love the raw maca and am totally convinced of its benefits

Hi Ken,
although I was sceptical I can say now it’s a miracle.Only after one week of using gelatinized maca powder I am feeling as new. What means physically and mentally balanced. I am a little over 60 years old.

Hi Ken:
You may remember that I’ve been taking Maca since January and am feeling
great (no more hot flashes, night sweats, and also near normal blood
pressure). I love the new galvanized maca and have both my sisters and elderly mother now using the powder.

I have enjoyed your product so far, (have only been taking it 1 week). Expect more orders soon, as I have been telling people about it and telling them how good it seems to work so far. Thank you once again.

I have been feeling like I’m a little more “regular” (if you know what I mean) the past week or so – and I was wondering if it could be one of the side effects of the Maca. Has anyone else reported that?

I have finally found a combination that seems to work for me. I make
a shake with some Cranberry juice, some almond milk, frozen rasberries, a
banana and the maca.

Hi Ken,
The new Gelatinized Maca does’nt have the bitter bite that raw Maca has. It seems stronger probably because its concentrated
for the same amount per volume.It seems easier to mix. I’ve used the following receipe for both Raw and the New Maca.
I mix 2 days at a time in a blender.
My receipe:
2 1/2 cups of milk
3 Tsp. Vanilla
4 Tsp. Sugar
6 Tsp. Maca
I put it in a Kerr glass canning jar in the refrigerator.
PS; Will order some more soon.

I am experimenting with the maca and rhodiola to see what amounts go
best for me. They work beautifully in symbiosis and I have a greatly
enhanced feeling of wellbeing taking them. I have told several people
about them so you may start getting some more inquiries from Oz.

Just recieved a phone call today from a man who says he has been using our raw maca root powder for three days and already his blood pressure is lower.

About gelatinized maca:
I just acquired the taste! 😉 Straight up in warm water and its not bad.
I’d like to try upping my dose from 3tbs, how do I tell when I’m taking too much? Good stuff, packaged well, works as advertised. Already ordered more 😉 Seems to have upped my energy level. I lift weights on a weekly basis, I feel like I recover faster and have been adding muscle quicker than I used to.

hi Ken
The geletenized maca was great far better than the root powder i’ll buy more

Hi Ken,
I didn’t seem to get any effect of the **** until I started on your Maca. After 2 weeks on your Maca I started feeling the effect of sleeping better and becoming very regular with my bowel movements. I then noticed a sense of
well being, more patient, more relaxed and not worrying as much about things. I just liked the way I felt. I am craving it now. As you can see I am hooked on that feeling and I sure can’t wait to get it back again.
Thanks again Ken.

Hi Ken,
You are amazing!!! Where do you find this stuff? How do you find this stuff?

Good morning my friend,
now all the maca is sold out, and i am very happy, how nicely the people take the maca here. i allready received many good feedbacks from them. their health is improofing, means less pain, and more joy and fun for life. go on my friend on ur way as human friend. by helping others you bless ur self.
take care

I was able to find Maca in the bottles here…but I do not like them as much as I like your brand…You can tell by the smell that yours is fresher and stronger…and even the color

Good morning Ken,
My brother in Hong Kong passed me a jar of maca which he had purchased of
your website. The maca really does wonders for my health and I would like
to order some for myself.

It does smell the same as the maca I have – but your “customer service” is
1000% better – so you’ve got me as a client forever (well maybe not that
long). I even like your notes better!!!
You’ll have to come visit some day!!!
(next day): I opened your’s up and it does smell better – it smells fresher…………

(The Root Of The Matter! is supplying organic kava kava root powder as well as siberian rhodiola rosea root extract to a few close “friends”, and recieving very positive reports about them both, so we will be offering them on our website soon)

As for the kava, It is working…. which is such a blessing, I cannot begin to say…. Seriously, it is almost too good to be true!
I had to take 4 yesterday… and that took
the pain away. I am impressed so far. Today, I have only needed 2 so far…. and I do not get the after ibuprofen headaches, either.
I am not taking any ibuprofen at all…. only the kava….
….. kava time again….. talk to you later!
…You kava good day….

ken, i just received my order of gelantinized maca and have been using it now for a few days..very mellow and subtle energizing energy..very peaceful and soft..bizarre but nice.

(In regards to organic kava kava root): thanks ahead of time….had pain only 3 times in the last month…truly
a miracle..I found you for a reason, now, just to figure out how the
universe plans for me to help you….
bye for now

Hi Ken,
That’s sooooooooooooooo nice of you!!! Thank you so much!!! You really
made my day yesterday!!! I am so looking forward to trying the gelatinized
maca and the Rhodiola!!!
WellI really appreciate your caring and being so concerned and even
answering all of my questions.
Thanks so much!!!

Just got my gelantized Maca.
So far I love the effects. 🙂

O’ Great Maca supplier,
I did receive my maca today. The quality I could smell even through all the bags, so I tried some and yes what I bought elsewhere is not near as good as your maca.

So here it is. Could you send me 6 bags of the gelatinized Maca since when I talked to my friends they said someone else they knew wanted to try
it. The word is going around Ken and as I can see you will be getting big business from me. Everyone always uses me as the guinea pig and once I
convince them of something working so well, everyone seems interested in trying, I can be pretty convincing. I will follow your advise on using
Maca 5 days a week and take a break on weekend. I will let everyone else know about it as well.
My husband is very happy I am taking Maca as he sees a big difference in
the way I deal with everything. He thanks you as well.

Hello Ken,
Hope things are going really well. Happy Spring!
I received my last order of Maca a few weeks ago, and I’d like to put in another order: my friends are quickly becoming converted to it (lots of
Christmas and birthday presents :-)) so I need to stock up when they come back asking for more!

Wonderful Ken!
I am enjoying the “orginal” recipe and have really noticed a change in my energy level (for the better) just after a few days of starting to take the Maca.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you for the time you have spent
giving me information about these wonderful herbs that
are new to me. Thank you very much. I look forward to
getting the Macca and Rhodiola. You seem to run an
execelent caring business, that is helpful to the
planet and those beings that live on it. That is way
All the Best!

Hi Ken,
Thanks so much for your wonderful e-mail. I read it this morning and it made my day!!! I haven’t even ordered anything from you yet, but I already really appreciate the time you’ve spent writing stuff to me. I really appreciate your taking the time to talk about my issues and relieve my concerns.

Hi Ken
This is ****, I’m the friend of ****. I just wanna inform you that I had since a long long time no more pain while i had my menstruation and i am sure the reason for that is Maca. that’s soooooooo greeeeeeaaaaaaat!!!!
I’m really happy and thank you so much for the goood maca.
Have a great day.

It’s early days yet but it looks like the MACA is assisting in quelling hot flashes, and this is a very very VERY good thing.
Thanks for your help!!

Maca got rid of a problem I was having
with lower back pain.

Hi Ken:
Thanks for your response. I’m currently taking 3 heaping teaspoons of maca per day and this seems to be helping a lot. I’m having almost no night sweats anymore, and will probably take 4 tsps. when I get my order. Thanks also for your advice and info re liver cleansing.

The package showed up on Monday, and the postmaster didn’t call me like she usually does. She said, as she is handing it to me, “whew, that didn’t smell when it came in!” HA HA HA
Yes, these are some really great SAMPLES! They do meet my approval!
Thank you very much for taking the time with me on this order! It has been a real pleasure!!!
Hope to do business again!

It’s pretty rare to get such personal service these days.

Your prices are
amazing! and I also like the taste of your product much better than another
brand I used once (a much higher price)!
Also I forgot to tell you that I believe your Maca is helping to lower my blood pressure! It is almost normal now after five weeks of taking Maca. I was
previously in the high normal range. I am very happy about that because I was
prepared to go on medication for this problem, but won’t need to now.
Thanks again,

Dear Ken,
It did indeed arrive, the post man asked what it was and said it smelled really strong I told him it was my maca and did not go into details with
him. We checked for a hole in the bag and there wasn’t one. The other place I ordered maca from you could just barely smell it and it was not even double bagged like yours! Yours also was ground to a very fine powder, I like that it’s the best tasting maca I have ever had. I take maca for pre- menopause it takes away my pain and balances my hormones with nothing but good healthy extras.

my friends and myself find that your maca is tasty and gives alot of power to the body. i take 3 spoon per day like you recomment. i like it, and more people get interestet to take maca, to feel more healthy in all respect. thank you for doing this job, of giving humans the instruments to feel good. it is like humanitare work.
have a good time

Thanks, again. I really love your Maca Root and the American Ginsing Powder. Your products are of much higher quality than others I’ve tried. Keep up the good work!

The reason I started with Maca — is I got something in my mail once saying this would do great things for a persons libido.
I did a search and got to ****** page.
This is the one I told you was like dust.
Right after I ordered the ******–dust Maca I looked more and came across
yours. I’m sure glad I got yours it is so much better.

Hi Ken,
I think I wouldn’t be able to hold up as well without the maca. I
did notice that even when my husband came down with a cold & a sinus
infection a few weeks ago, I didn’t catch it, which is somewhat unusual,
even with all the stress I’m under. I believe it’s because my adrenal
glands are being well supported with the maca (and some other things).
Thanks for sending the maca.
You take care too!

Dear Ken, I�m enjoying the Maca very much.It seems to produce a warm and contented feeling inside.So already I�m thinking about future orders. By the way, how often do you take a break from Maca? All the best, ****.

Hi Ken,
The website looks great. . . and the information about the gelatinized maca just makes me want to try it. The maca you have now is already great. My libido is going through the roof. Going from thinking about sex 1/2 a second once a year to this was totally unexpected. After you told me to take some breaks from it, it’s even better.
Take care,

Hi Ken,
I’ve been taking Maca for a week now, and for the last few days I’ve been feeling fantastic. I am not a Winter person at all, and it’s been below zero overnight and barely into the teens most days — and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I just have this mellow, solid feeling about everything and nothing in particular. I guess this is what you were talking about!
So far, I am thrilled and amazed!

Hi Ken,
OK so I am sitting here writing to you, sipping on my
tea that I take on a daily basis with maca. As it has
been a while since my first maca sample, I can only
compare it to ****. YES! I am finally trying
your maca!
OK so here it goes. This are my observations:
It is definitely fresh in aroma and texture (unlike
the **** I received)
It is very creamy. Also leaves a creamy aftertaste.
It is light in flavour.
Although there is a hint of bitterness it also has a
hint of sweetness
It is lumpier than the **** (don’t know if that’s an
indication of greater freshness, higher moisture or
higher fat content or whatever)
So far, I like it better in flavor, texture and aroma.
Let’s see how it affects me.
Still addicted to Maca,

HI Ken, just wanted to let you know We are really enjoying the maca. All i have researched about it will take a while to see but the fact that something is happening is undeniable. I especially enjooy the sort philosoophical lift i get in my thinking. I am mixing mine with yerba matte and teca java coffee substitute and have not missed my cup of coffee in the morning whichis something i’m always trying to stay away from. No doubt about heightened libido and vitality already too and i am hoping i have finally found a way to balance my hormones naturally. thanks , ****

Hi Ken,
**** is my sister, did she tell you? Anyway The first day I took one maca pill just to see if i would be fine with one and it took my hot flashes and night sweats away, just on one! but then I slowly increased to dose to 4 -5.
thanks! ****

Hey Ken!
I received my Maca today…thanks…tomorrow morning my husband and I start our “Powdered Maca Journey”. I’ll keep you posted!
Anyway, I wanted you to know that two days ago I was out of Maca waiting for my order to arrive, remember? Yesterday I felt a little out of sorts emotionally…definitely not as calm as I had been when taking the capsules, but this is the really great news…during the entire time I was taking the Maca I never once experienced a hot flash, which I had been getting about 4 to 5 times a day. Well, today after two days without my morning doses for two days, I had two hot flashes at work!!! I was flabbergasted!!! Is this great testimony for you and your product or what?? I am expecting that I will be hot flashes free once again now that I have my “medicine”!!
Did you hear from **** yesterday? She’s my sister (sort of…long story) and she mentioned she was going crazy with hot flashes and I told her to contact you and order!! I hope she did for her sake and yours.
Thanks again for everything. I know in my heart the best is yet to come!
Later, ****

> Hi Ken,
> I’m getting low on my maca root. I’ve had 0 hot flashes since I started using
> it! I’d like another 1kg package and a friend at work would like to try it
> too. Any chance you will be near Victoria General this Tuesday, Dec 2? Two
> 1-kg bulk pkgs with separate bills would be great. My number at work is
> *******.
> Thanks,

Your maca is quite good. I actually
enjoy the taste of it. I do wonder, however, why it tastes so good. I
have to ask if there is anything else added to it. Actually, I
was wondering if sugar was added and I’m glad to hear that nothing is
added. Why is it so different from the ****? I think your maca would compete well with **** and if you need any help on the North Shore, let me know.
Anyway, thanks again. Talk to you soon.