Our First Testimonials:

I just had to write and let you know that you were not kidding about the effects of the Toothache Tincture. Recently my 11 year old doughtier was complaining of pain in her mouth for the arrival of her twelve year old molars she complained for a day or two but there was nothing I could offer but an aspirin. It was my daughter who said, “Hey Mom what about that toothache tincture you have. I mean, hello, it is called tooth-ache tincture.” Okay, she was right. She put a drop on each side of her mouth were those nagging molars were coming in. With in a minute she had no more pain. She said the taste was bad put the pain was worse. My 11 year old daughter proceeded to apply the tincture on her own two to three times a day for about four days. For what ever reason, she has not had any more pain.
Thank you Kathy Johnson for offering this awful tasting wonder drug.

About 4 years ago I noticed a lump/bump on the surface of my right breast. It was only about the size of a pea. And that is how it stayed, until last July (05). Then, almost over night it grew to about the half the size of a golf ball, and very hard. I got scared and showed it to my friend and neighbor, Kathy Johnson. She saw and felt it and suggested I start using Frank’s Toothache Tincture in the form of a poultice. So I went home and mixed up some FTT with some ground oatmeal and applied it. The very next day it had already softened considerably!! She made up a salve with some FTT and beeswax and oils and stuff. (It made it easier to apply). I used that for 2 months, twice a day, and as of this writing, it is almost gone. Meaning, it is smaller than when I first noticed it 4 years ago!!!!
I am now a FIRM believer in FTT. Well, I was before that but this incident made me even more of a believer!! THANK YOU Kathy!!!!

_______ was diagnosed with periodontal disease and she has been using it mostly regularly. And it WORKS! She used it to rinse with it BUT IT STAINS YOUR TEETH. So she went to applying it to just her gums, to prevent the staining. And she says the pain is gone!! Soooo, of course, FTT works for that. People are starting to really laugh at me, because FTT is my answer for just about everything. Well, what can I say. If something works, USE IT!

A few days ago I sliced my thumb, right underneath the fingernail. It was painful, but after a while it got so painful that I really started to panic! (I never panic over anything, but this was REALLY painful) I squirted some FTT into and all around the sore area about 3 or 4 times over a period of about 10 minutes. It stung a lot, but from then on it became tolerable and when I woke up the next day it was really very much healed and today I am smiling to myself because I can feel how effectively it has made it heal. The stuff is really great.

will never go with out Frank’s toothache tincture as I have bypassed all sickness going around which this past year I have not been able to avoid.

…..the other day, while cleaning up the garden, I happened to JAMB A 9/16″ RUSTED STAPLE all the way under my fingernail. OUCHHHHHHH!! So I immediately came in and started dousing the area with FTT. The very next day there was NO soreness!!!! (I haven’t had a Tetanus shot in over 20 years!)

Summer 2006. I developed problems with a tooth which had a root canal. I started using FTT to help control the pain. I went to the dentist who x-rayed the tooth. It showed a pocket up in the root. Since there had been a root canal with a crown, there was a stud up in the tooth. As a consequence, these different metals were setting up a toxic reaction. I continued taking the FTT all during this time. Anytime I didn’t, it would become painful and I would have headaches. Finally, in November, after seeing an endodontic specialist, and doing some research on root canals, I decided my best option was to have the tooth removed. The night before I was to have this done, I did not take any tincture. My appointment was not till 1pm the next day. By that time the whole side of my face and shoulder was in pain. I had extreme pain behind my ear. These toxic reactions had been building over time. My only relief had been taking FTT. After having the tooth removed, the only pain I had was from the extraction. All the pain I’d been having, because of the toxins, was gone! I am still taking FTT for preventative measure since I’d had so much toxin and infection in my body. It will be a part of my treatment in cleansing my body of all the toxins I’ve had building! Thank you Kathy, Frank, or whoever! This stuff I will not be without!!
From allergies to zits, colds to fevers, snakebites to skin cancer, bad breath to foot odor, whooping cough to warts and so many things in between. This truly is a fully stocked medecine bag in one bottle and in the palm of your hand.

Did someone cough in your face? Take a full dropper (30 -40 drops) 4-5times a day for a few and keep those nasty germs at bay.

Have you come in contact with something other than a dull edge? Start the healing process with a deep cleansing using a dropper full of tincture in 2 oz of water and flush the wound thoroughly, at least twice, before covering.

Troubling skin condition? Make a poultice using a few drops of tincture on a warm cloth, or a few drops of tincture added to some powdery medium like-clay, charcoal, oatmeal, etc. and apply it to the spot. Reapply a few times a day, as needed, until condition improves.

Frank’s Toothache Tincture is THE BEST, MOST VERSATILE synergistic blend there is and it really does work! It works so well that I had to start making it to insure my continued supply.

In 1985 Frank was suffering from an abcess tooth. In his quest for relief, he explored the great herbal classics and concluded that herbs, in combination with faith, are very powerful in their ability to keep us free from dis-ease or to aid us in a speedy return to wellness.

The original combination of herbs he used were compiled from traditional Native American, European and mountain herbal folklore. And it is in these traditions that we have retained, as much as possible, the integrity behind the giving and recieving of these gifts we have been blessed with by our Creator! While ‘trading’ a bottle of tincture for say, a bag of apples is the preferred medium of exchange, in these days it isn’t practical, So here we just ask for a fair exchange to enable us to keep this tincture availabe for all who seek the traditional, historical benefits of these extracted elements.

I was first introduced to this tincture, years ago, when Frank offered me a dropper full of this ‘stuff’ he made, when I was feeling a cold coming on. At first I was skeptical. I didn’t know what was in it and he, being a layman, how much could he really know about herbs and tinctures and such? Actually, he knows quite a lot, I found. I never got that cold and have never been without a bottle of the tincture since!

And that is how/why I got involved. Being a firm believer in the properties of this infusion, I was always giving away my ‘travel’ bottle. Or, at least, sharing anyway. I was becoming a pest to my friend because of having to ask for another refill at least once a month. ( I was creating quite a following of satisfied users.) So Frank and I had a serious talk and decided that this ‘gift’ of his needed to be made available for all. That is when we decided to go in together on the makings of a larger batch of the tincture. We also did some more research and added a couple more ingredients to compliment and even enhance the original mixture.

There is a warning that goes along with this tincture: Besides the fact that it can and will sting in certain situations- raw, broken skin; eyes, nose, throat, it is perfecdtly safe to use! The stinging sensation will go away in one minute! The real warning needs to go for the taste. It is described in one of two ways – Gagging, choking, eyes watering looking to spit it out. OR dipping the dropper in for another shot and taking a deep breath and drawing in all the strong herbal vapors, to the fullness of your lungs, smiling and saying AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

If you simply cannot ingest this straight, there are other means of administering this healing herbal concoction. And they work well for infants, children and the infirm. Try applying it to the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, temples, inside the thighs, along the spine from the base of the skull all the way to the tail bone. Any place you feel a pulse is a good place to start. The taste is such that it is rather difficult to hide in juice or other beverage. I personally enjoy the taste! My husband won’t let it get near his mouth.

There are the usual warnings that must accompany any such herbal mixture. (But be aware, be informed and be safe as a matter of LIFE. Be responsible for your health. Besides, who knows your body better than you do anyway?) So here is the legal stuff – This herbal supplement and the uses described HAVE NOT been evaluated or approved by the FDA. Please seek the advice of your health care ‘provider’ before using this, or any, product! Another MAJOR warning – most of these herbs have contraindications for internal use while pregnant or nursing! This may also cause permanent stains on some fabrics and surfaces!

(Ingredients: (all ingredients organic or ethically wild crafted) Chaparral, Cloves, Comfrey, Echinacea Angustifolia, Garlic, Goldenseal, Myrrh, Propolis, Osha Root, Sage, Everclear Grain Alcohol)