Hopefully these questions and answers will help you out if you are shaking your head wondering about our shipping, ordering, and shopping cart procedures. If you need assistance after you have read them, please do not hesitate to e-mail The Root Of The Matter! and we will do our best to help you out in any way we can. You may have a question that someone else out there has wondered about also, and if you let us know about it then we can answer it here on this page so someone else does not have to ask about it and that would be appreciated by us very much. If you come across any “bugs” or problems with the site please let us know, because Ken Johnson the owner when he built the web site says he did not even know what html, meta tags, or any components of a web site were up until just shortly before he started, and he sympathizes very much with you if there are things that are confusing or difficult to figure out. Ken says “my main goal is to supply excellent quality herbs to people for less than they are used to paying for them, and if that means going the cheap route to save on costs and overhead etc. so be it.” That is why The Root Of The Matter! used PayPal as their original online shopping cart service, (in Ken’s words, “they are damn cheap”) and also why the site was not built by a professional web site designer, because the money that Ken saved by doing it “his way”, has been passed on to you, and that translates into some significant savings. Anyways, now for the questions:

Q: Why do you use two shopping carts?

A: Well, some people do not like to use PayPal, and some people do like to use PayPal. We like to give you a choice. Also, we like to be different. (it does not matter if it makes sense or not, we just like to be different) Also, it has been rumoured to have something to do with fact that Ken never received enough love as a child and he is trying to get back at this world by making everybody use his complicated website. If there is ever anything that seems strange or unexplainable about his website, Ken likes to remind everyone that “my mother never loved me”. He believes it explains everything.

Q: Will you accept my credit card for payment instead of using your PayPal shopping cart?

A: Yes. We will accept your credit card as payment. Just give us the card number, date of expiry, name as it appears on the card, and address as it is listed on the card. Then we will send your order out to you as usual. You may send us this information by e-mail, telephone, fax, or postal mail. Also please give us your mailing address, and your phone number in case there is a reason we need to contact you. Thank you. We do not use any of your information for any other purpose except to transfer your funds to us. Do not worry about it.

Q: Can I place an order with you by any other means besides using your PayPal shopping cart?

A: Yes. You may place an order with us by the “Non-PayPal” shopping cart or phone, fax, e-mail, or mail. We accept credit cards, checks, and money orders (make them out to The Root Of The Matter please, and if you are not in Canada money orders MUST be “International” money orders, otherwise we can not cash them and have to send them back to you for replacement), and wire transfers (e-mail us before you place your order and we will give you all our needed banking information). Actually you can order any you want, it doesn’t matter to us, as long as it is money and it makes it way into our bank account.

Q: Are you looking for distributors?

A: It depends on how much you beg and grovel. Throwing large amounts of money has been known to facilitate the process. But in all honestly, we do not want to lead you on, because although we would like to have distributors, we do not really have any official distributor program in place. Essentially, if you want to distribute our products. give us an e-mail or a phone call and we will talk about it. The plain truth is that Ken, the owner is an amazingly lazy, unorganized and unambitious guy. It almost takes a miracle for him to do anything which involves “work”. But, who knows? If it is really enjoyable and not too painful, he just might set you up as a distributor.

Q: Do you want to rule the world?

A: Yes. That is the long range goal.

Q: Are you god?

A: Well, yes, but we don’t want anyone to think any differently of us because of this. We are getting quite tired of this “oh wow, you are so allmighty!” routine. Please try and keep all obeisance and worship to a bare minimum. Thank you. (and yes, you may stand now)