All Canadian Customers!! – Please Read This!

ATTENTION ALL CANADIAN CUSTOMERS!: Effective Immediately, We Require You To Pay A 6% G.S.T. Tax On Your Order. Since Our Shopping Cart Provider Does Not Allow Us To Add On A Tax For Just One Country, We Ask That You Now Have To Add On The 6% Tax Yourself By Totalling Up The Cost Of Your Order, (Including Shipping) Multiply By 6%, And Then Use The “Add To Cart” Buttons At The Very Bottom Of This Page And At The Bottom Of The “Non-PayPal” Page (Underneath The “American Ginseng” Buttons) That Says “$1.00 Miscellaneous Charge”, And “$0.01 Miscellaneous Charge” And Add On The Full Amount Owing To Your Order. Sorry About Any Inconvenience This May Cause. We Will Not Ship Your Order Until We Have Received The 6% G.S.T. Payment. Thank You Very Much. (Please Call Or E-Mail Us If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns About This New Requirement.)
***This Tax Does NOT Apply To Any U.S. Or International Customers. ONLY Canucks eh. (Canajuns..)
***If you want a handy calculator to figure out how much G.S.T. you are owing, go to and simply type in: “6% of the total amount of your order including shipping (E.G.: “6% of $125”) Then click “search” and it will give you your total amount owing. (in this case $7.50) Then click on “Miscellaneous $1.00 Charge” button at the bottom of the page and change the 1 to an 7, and click on the Miscellaneous $0.01 Charge” button and change the 1 to a 50. You have now added on an extra $7.50. You are now done. You can check out!

***BTW – If all of this G.S.T. nonsense has you hopelessly confused and frustrated, you can easily call, e-mail, mail, or fax us with your order, or call us with your questions etc. Sorry for the hassles and inconveniences, but we are really cheap a**-holes here and want all of your G.S.T. money. (see the “Contact Us” page for contact info)
…All Customers!! – Please Read This!

All Customers!! – Please Read
Dear Valued Customers: Important Information!!!
You Have The Option Of Using Our Good Old Trusty “ORIGINAL” PayPal Shopping Cart (On This Page), Or Using Our New “NON-PAYPAL” Shopping Cart (Added February, 2006)
Both Shopping Carts Are 100% Wonderful And Accept Almost All Credit Cards, But We’d Like To Give You The Option Of Being Able To Choose Which One You Use
***Click Here To Use The New “Non-PayPal” Shopping Cart
Click Here To Learn More About The Differences Between Our Shopping Carts
Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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We accept orders by telephone, fax, and mail also. We also accept payment by credit card, check, draft, money order, wire transfer, and inter-bank transfer. If you are sending us a money transfer, please e-mail us beforehand so we can give you the needed bank information. See our Contact Us & F.A.Q.’ s page for more information.