Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots
First Comment

“It’s really good stuff, Ken! Best Korean Red Ginseng I’ve ever tried.”
This is a first for me. I am not taking the time to go into a long drawn out explanation about one of my herbs. I would, if I was not so rushed and if I had the time to think about what I am writing. But I am very rushed and just do not have the time to do it now. Instead of making people wait until I have had the time to write all the information about korean red ginseng roots, I will just write what I can for now so I can finally just get this page posted live on my website. In summary: I started using Korean Red Ginseng Roots when I was about 13 years old. (I have not developed very much since then mentally…) I used to chew on these roots almost every day and they would make me feel so good, that I turned into a korean red ginseng addict almost overnight. This is about all I will say about it: I would buy a root or two or three from a chinese herb store in Vancouver (where I was living at that time) and just break off a little piece of it and chew on it. It would always make me feel like I was all of a sudden stimulated with a fantastic energy, and it would make me feel like laughing out loud, and grinning, and make me feel like once again I was high on ginseng and the world was a fantastic place again. There was always this warm and fuzzy sensation as soon as I got that korean red ginseng root and popped ‘er in my mouth. I was in love with chewing on these ginseng roots and while I was chewing on the root, I felt better than I ever did when I was not chewing on them, and to my mind, I just knew that I wanted more and more and more of it, and if I had my way I would be chewing on this ginseng all the time. I had visions of buying korean red ginseng roots by the huge container and I thought I would be forever happy and content if I did that. (very close to the truth!) These roots affected me so strongly, that I would almost float away and bliss out into a perfect warm euphoria of ginseng inspired energy and sensations which were flowing through my body every time from chewing the roots. That basically in brief, is my story.

I am thinking now, how much easier it would be if you, the reader could simply read my mind, and pull from the air via some kind of magic osmosis, every single thought and feeling and attitude and opinion I have about korean red ginseng roots! (Ah, watch out, if you can do that! you might receive a big shock from the electrical energy that builds up in me when I am thinking about them) I can hardly gather my concentration together enough to have to form all the words and phrases and think how to describe the whole exquisite decription. Here is how I will try and do it though, just by my rambling speech, memories and fleeting thoughts and words, and piecing them all together haphazardly, like so: “exquisite…red ginseng roots! the aroma, like the orient is and like a chinese herb shop, and the taste, like the finest substance god put on earth…almost surreal or unreal, I am not sure which, in a way it is like a kind of candy, but also it is like a cherished, earthy, pure medicine of nature. Powerful, hot, and mysterious, aroma, taste, ginseng, wierd, happy, magical!, mystery, ancient, secrets of the orient and the mysteries of life and living, and yes, of sex as well! When you say ginseng, what you say is “oh wow, this is going to have me craving the opposite sex so much soon, I will be delirious, delirious, and crazy with love, I just know it!! (here is where the huge smile, and the sweet dreams of peace and pleasure, and a smug, sly sensation of “ah, life is pleasurable again!”, creeps in.

I just went and popped a slice of root in my mouth as I write this because all of a sudden I am craving a “piece” just thinking about it. (no pun intended, of course) After all of these years and after all of these ginseng roots that I have had, I now notice that it is ALWAYS the same with ginseng! That is the thing about ginseng which is SO cool! It is the same today, as it was the afternoons in Vancouver driving around in my Volkswagen van, chewing on korean red ginseng roots. The experience, the taste, the smell, the whole ginseng “thing” is always the same. It is always this “unbelievably RICH delicious tasting, packed full with some kind of bizarre wonderful nutrition, and nutrients, and energy, and the spirit or soul of ginseng that becomes unleashed into the person partaking of the root. It is always a GREAT experience of feeling incredible as soon as the taste of the root hits my taste buds. In fact I would be so daring as to say:”it is all about the taste, the smell, and the whole sensual experience of ginseng that blows me away. Somehow, all of ginseng’s benefits and effects are brought about by the transference of it’s taste and sensual qualities into the physical body. That is exactly what it is like to myself. I can’t describe it, but wow, is it GOOD. WOW!

About my korean red ginseng roots: they are the best. They are Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots. These roots are known world wide as being the very best by most people with even the slightest knowledge about korean red ginseng roots. I have personally spoken with many people who are in the korean red ginseng root industry, and I have heard from them repeatedly, things to this effect: Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots are the best; they are the only one; they are world wide famous, and known by people to be the best; there is no other brand; do not buy any other kind; etc, etc. etc. Not only did I hear those words, which is convincing in itself, but I heard the sincerity, the honesty, and the conviction of the people who said it. To my untrained, objective ear, it sounded like sort of like the equivalent of caucasian people saying something like this: “well, of course NASA is an advanced group of intelligent people”, or “yes, Einstein is a pretty smart person” or ” yes, I would prefer a brand new Cadillac over a 1957 Anglia.” From talking to people, I just kind of formed the opinion that yes, Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots ARE INDEED a very high quality ginseng root!

My personal opinions and comments about these roots: 1) They are the best 2) I like the fact and value that they are the best 3) I looked around everywhere I possibly could to try and cut down on the cost, and to try and source cheaper roots that are still of good quality (and if anyone reading this knows of a way to get cheaper roots that are still great quality, please let me know how I can do it also! Thank you. I did everything I possibly could, and that is no small effort!) but after all of my trying and searching and contacting everyone I could, it was to no avail. It became very apparent, that if I was truly desiring to use and sell real high quality korean red ginseng roots, Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots were what I was looking for. One day I just decided, “ah, the hell with it, I will go with them, I will buy the very best! (I am VERY glad I did) 4) Korean Red Ginseng is a product which people buy and use if they know why they are wanting it. It is expensive stuff, but for the person that knows what it does for them, and who knows how it makes them feel, and the profound benefits and the enriching of life and health and longevity and the sexual improvements it makes in one, there is simply no other herb or product which can do what it does, so it is bought with a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and acceptance. Basically, I am aware of how expensive it is, and I know that it is not for everybody and that those people who are able to afford it are people who, like me, simply have to have the real Korean Red Ginseng Roots, and throw caution (and their life’s savings) to the wind to enjoy only the very best.
Furfther Information About Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots Can Be Found Here:
The Home Page For Korea Ginseng Corp. (Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots)
Further Information On Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots
Cheong-Kwan-Jang is the brand name of red ginseng products manufactured by KGC, which boasts its 100-year tradition. The name itself means genuine government-packed products manufactured in the government-run factory. Since its birth in early 1940, as another name for Korean Red Ginseng it has become the exquisite brand favored in overseas markets in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. Taken as a medicine, natural food, and beverage, Cheong-Kwan-Jang has become the favorite health food known with its beneficial effects for fighting fatigue, stimulating brain activity and assisting a diet. Just as one Korean Ginseng root contains 6 years of farmers devotion, all Cheong-Kwan-Jang products contain KGC’s 100 years of traditional manufacturing technology know-how and vigorous quality control, as well as the mind of the exquisite product, which has been representing the honor of Korean Ginseng for 1000 years.

From the old times Chinese regarded Korean Ginseng as a rare and precious thing. Korean Ginseng has been exported to the Southeast Asian Chinese in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. With the popularity in the Chinese-speaking culture, there once was a deluge of illicitly manufactured or forged red ginseng. For the purpose of separating KGC’s red ginseng from these, in the early 1940s the name Cheong-Kwan-Jang started to be printed on the canned package of the Korean Ginseng. The name used to mean in China at that time the genuine red ginseng manufactured in the government-run factory, and as the name goes, the quality of the red ginseng product with Cheong-Kwan-Jang printed on its package is guaranteed by the government.

Taking care of soil to be most suitable for the cultivation of ginseng, establishing the best environment through the study on the cultivation environment, timing for sowing and harvest, and controlling the damages caused by insects and blights or from natural disasters are among the field quality control efforts of Cheong-Kwan-Jang. In this respect, it is said that the exquisite Cheong-Kwan-Jang is made from the field. Such quality control started in the field continues to the production in Korea Ginseng Factory equipped with KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities. The Korea Ginseng Factory boasts its superiority in facilities, size and history which well matches to the honor as the suzerain of ginseng. Especially, the quality control to maintain the exquisite feature of Cheong-Kwan-Jang is conducted through all the processes. The scrupulous quality control is conducted in the two divided processes: one is the part that requires careful handy works like solar-heat drying and selection, and the other is the part that requires modernized and automated process including steaming, shaping and packing.
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1 Catty (600 Grams) Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots (Cut Grade) US$275.00 1/2 Catty (300 Grams) Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots (Cut Grade) – Loose Roots In Bag, Not In Metal Can** US$150.00 1/4 Catty (150 Grams) Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots (Cut Grade) – Loose Roots In Bag, Not In Metal Can** US$80.00
Further Miscellaneous Info From Ken:
There are three grades of Genuine Korean Red Ginseng Roots. They are #1 – Heaven (the best), #2 – Earth, (the next best), and #3 – Good (the lowest level) I will say it right here, and some people may not like me for saying this, but, to me it is true: You would have to be crazy to believe that the difference between the different grades is noticeable, tangible, and worth the phenomenally (!) outrageous more expensive prices for the higher grades. I could really go into this a lot, but I just do not have the time and I am really working fast to get this page done. I have had Heaven, the best you can buy, I have also had Good, the lowest quality. I have also tried different sizes, I have tried all knds of different Korean Red Ginsengs through the years. I have also been selling Chinese, (well, I used to sell Chinese) and American ginseng for years. I think I have a pretty good idea what makes one ginseng better than another one. To make a long story short, I believe the whole concept and reason for selling all these different grades is simply to have a marvellous method of taking people’s money, and have them think they were justified to spend that much. It is crazy.

I still have an open 1/2 catty of Heaven 15 roots sitting in my living room that I paid close to a thousand dollars for (wholesale) and in all truth, I prefer the grade of ginseng that I am using and selling on my website much more! The grade that I sell is called “Cut” grade. (recommended to me by a vendor who has used cut grade ginseng himself exclusively for years) What cut grade means is that the roots are not whole. They are assorted pieces of roots. Most people do not know about this grade of roots. I have been doing a lot of investigating into it and they are BY FAR the best roots to buy. Essentially, it is all the pieces of roots, that are not absolutely perfect looking and in whole form… but absolutely perfect in every other way. You get a mixed bag in this grade: some good, some earth, some heaven, some big, some small. From experience and comparing them with the other grades which I have used, I by far prefer these. I sell 600 grams (a “catty”, or that tin can that you see above on this page) for US$275.00. That seems like a lot of money, and it is (compared to other herbs), but believe me, it is worth it and there is nothing else that do for a person what genuine Korean Red Ginseng does. My catty of cut grade is comparable in the quality to: Korean Red Ginseng Root Good Grade 600 grams 30 Ji (which sells for about US$615.00)

Fo-ti and korean red ginseng (or just korean red ginseng) is a perfect combination to take every day. It is expensive, but worth it. I recommend getting a small slow cooker to make a tea with it each day. (see the Fo-Ti page) This is an ambrosia with such amazing benefits and improvements that are in it, that it is for me now like the cornerstone of my daily routine and indeed, my life. I think of my two daily cups of korean red ghinseng (and Fo-Ti) tea in this way: it is my reward for working and slaving all those years at trying to do what is right in life. I finally can afford to again use korean red ginseng, like I used to be able to do many years ago (it is a long story that I will not go into, and I don’t want to bore anyone, or turn your stomach…) and I am adoring, and appreciating it every day just like the emperors of ancient Korea did a long time ago. Words fail me actually…at the happiness and contentment and enjoyment of being able to use the genuine real Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Roots once again. My life is complete. I am whole again. I am completed. I am at peace. I am once again a 16 year old, and gloating over how lucky I am to be actually taking korean red ginseng every day once again. One last remark for now: there is a myth or legend or a story about Taoist monks who achieve immortality by using korean red ginseng, and I feeling truly like I am like them, smiling blessedly and feeling the blessed holiness of korean red ginseng roots in my veins each day. (twice a day actually! wow) Allright, I must finish those other pages that need doing now…