Rhodiola Rosea
(Golden Root, Arctic Root)
Here Are A Few Comments About Our Rhodiola:

“I really love the Rhodiola. I was at a trade show all weekend in Prince George and was on my feet all day both days. I was just trying out the herb to see how I would like it. I’ve got to tell you – it was phenomenal. I had tons of energy and was in a terrific mood all day long. Also, my son has been using the kanna and loves it. He’s got a “disorder” they’ve labeled ADD/ODD which is actually far more serious than just the ADD by itself. The ODD is Oppositional Defiant Disorder which can make him really dark and ugly when it rears its head. He’s learning to deal with it anyway, but the kanna is a really nice addition. He’s usually pretty rebellious and disinterested in anything herbal, but I left the information about it on the table and he apparently read it and decided to try it for himself.”

“I really
like Rosea over everything I tried so far…..”

“I am having trouble sleeping…”
“I also was on pharmaceuticals. Ativan and related downers for fifteen years. It got to the point where I was taking 4 mg and it was not working. When I told my doctor, she gave me a prescription for xprexa…”(this was a long story so I edited it – Ken) I suggested taking rhodiola for sleeping, and here is her reply:
“Yikes, the BEST and most different sleep I have ever had. I took the Valerian tincture and some “sleep” herbal tea, but it really did not make me sleep. I was sleepy, but was still looking at the Alarm clock. After one hour I took two Rhodiola capsules and I was asleep in less than 30 minutes, as you said I would. I woke up this morning so relaxed and unstressed, that I never felt like this before. I was not feeling drugged or sleepy. I had lots of energy and I was in a great mood. My daughter noticed that with all the rushing and regular school-morning fiasco, I was cool, calm, and even making jokes about it all. So, Ken, Your advice about the Rhodiola is certainly life-changing. I cannot wait to try the Maca and Kava Kava.”

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past two years.
The rhodiola rosea is working stupendously well for me. Nothing else I’ve tried that is natural has been able to put me to sleep until now. It got so bad that I even tried antidepressants but they nearly killed me so I went off all pharmaceuticals and just struggled along getting to sleep well after midnight most nights. If it weren’t for maca I would not have made it through my workdays. The gelatinized maca is awesome stuff and really keeps you going long after you’d normally quit. But now I’ve found that if I take 2-3 of the Rhodiola capsules at bedtime I fall asleep very nicely, and it also calms me and makes me feel more relaxed. It’s powerful stuff so I don’t take a lot of it. All of Ken’s products seem to have way more potency than any other brands I’ve tried.”

“we are loving the Rhodiola… three of those caps…does us smooothe… Always want to have these around. I may start selling them..”