Kacip Fatimah (Labisia Pumila)
Well, I have finally gotten around to posting this product onto my website. (sorry about the delay) Unfortunately I can not tell too much about it. I am not a female, and have never used it, and I have only limited information about it. What I can say is this: I have seen the look on the face of some of the ladies who have used Kacip Fatmah 100, and seen the way they described it, and to me, it sounds like a great product for females. Also, I have heard from a few ladies and one or two stores and health practitioners who are using it also and in every case, all of the ladies said they love it and are very happy with it and in some cases I could not even keep up with their demand they had for it. (for the product, for the Kacip Fatimah 100…) In my opinion, this is a great natural herbal product for women that seems to work great, and the ladies I have heard from are very very pleased with it. I have not heard too much about the actual “results” of using it. None of the ladies mentioned any particular details or particular results. It is always just a very contented, pleased, delighted and positive response from them and very affirmative words that it is indeed a very good product. Only one lady wrote me a testimonial about her experiences with it. I include it here with her kind permission:

“I have been trying the kacip fatimah over the last few weeks. When I first started taking it I was alone and started to feel sensations in the genital area making me want to masturbate. When I was with my partner, the genitals were more receptive to touch, and more responsive. I immediately had increased pleasure with touching and oral sex. There is also increased natural lubrication causing more pleasure for both of us. Orgasms are way better! I like this stuff alot. I hope you still have some when I run out!! Thank you for letting me try it.”

Here is some information that I have about Kacip Fatimah so far:

The Root Of The Matter! Kacip Fatimah is made by the same supplier as our Longjack100 Tongkat Ali, so this is a very potent 100:1 water soluble extract of the very highest quality and purity. It is NOT just ground up leaves, (like most, if not all other Kacip Fatimah on the market) this is a very potent, and concentrated effective Kacip Fatimah extract!

The Kacip Fatimah is a small plant, but it is reputed to have numerous uses, including increasing a woman�s libido. For the first time, a clinical trial funded by the government and involving several universities and research institutes is being conducted to verify the efficacy of the traditional herbal medicine. Besides its more commonly known name, Kacip Fatimah is also referred to locally as Selusoh Fatimah, Rumput Siti Fatimah, Akar Fatimah, Tadah Matahari, Bunga Belangkas Hutan and Pokok Pinggang.

Summary of health benefits

*�����Firming and toning of abdominal muscles.
*�����The biological activities of the phytoestrogen which is naturally found in the plant assist women to achieve fuller and firmer breasts and tighten vaginal muscles.
*�����Anti-dysmenorrhoea; cleansing and avoiding painful or difficult menstruation.�����
* Used effectively to treat dysentery, rheumatism and women’s ailments associated with childbirth.
*�����Anti-flatulence; drive away and prevent the formation of gas.
*�����Administered as a post partum medication to help contract the birth channel and help the new mother to regain body strength.


Take 2 capsules (60 mg. of 100:1 water soluble pure Kacip Fatimah extract in each capsule) – once in the morning and once in the evening. (preferably on an empty stomach 1 hour before breakfast and 1 hour before dinner for best absorption, but if there are any sensitivites it is fine to take it right after each meal also)

Here is my suppliers comments about Kacip Fatimah: This herb haven’t been much research done but have been used by the malaysia natives for generations. Generally been used after birth by women to get back in shape quicker, narrowing the uterus, tightening the vagina ” the grip” , regularising the hormone, period pains, irregular menstrual and increase the libido on women.

I personally have a very good feeling about this herb, and from what I have heard I think it is a very effective and beneficial herb for women. (as effective as Tongkat Ali is for men! VERY effective! One of the very best aphrodisiacs available.)

As always, and with any product you buy at The Root Of The Matter, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just let us know and we will cheerfully refund your money or give you credit or exchange for something else. Your happiness is (of course!) our highest priority.