The Freshly Squeezed Maca Juice Is Then Put Into Stainless Steel Trays And Freeze Dried High In The Andean Highlands. It Is Done According To A Secret Ancient Inca Formula For Naturally Freeze Drying Perishables. It Is Put Into A Tent Protected By Special Cloth That Protects The Juice From Insects, Dusts, and Contaminants. It Is Left In The Freezing Winds Of The Highlands In Peru, Below The Glacial Ice Cap. According To The Ancient Inca Procedure For Freeze Drying, The Juice Is Exposed To Extremely Low Temperatures At Night And Then To The Sun In The Morning. This Is The Inca�s Secret Time Tested Formula. It Is Just The First Step. This Formula Has 3 Steps. The Second Step Involves Leaving The Juice In The Highlands In Bags Of Cloth. The 3rd Step Is Done In The Highlands Indoors Where The Juice Is Dried At Room Temperature. The Amount Of Fresh Raw Maca Roots It Takes To Make 1 Kg. Of Maca Monster Varies From 13 Kgs. to 19 Kgs., With The Average Being 15-16 Kgs.