Hi, I am Ken, the owner of The Root Of The Matter. I just thought I would let anyone know who loves cacao beans and is looking for the best, ultimate tasting cacao beans: LITERALLY every single person who has ever bought my Certified Organic Raw Peruvian WHOLE PEELED cacao beans says that they are the best beans they have ever tasted. I have people telling me “these are the best beans, period, you can not get a better tasting bean anywhere!”. When I hear this day in day out for about the last 2 years (Aug. 2006) I start to think “you know, there just may be something to what these people are saying!”
I just wanted to pass that along to you. Have a great day.
Also, I used to carry the nibs, and yes, everyone told me they were the ultimate best beans they had ever tasted, but for the last few months I have been selling WHOLE PEELED cacao beans, and now everyone (yes, everyone…) says they are even better tasting than the nibs. As soon as people try the whole peeled beans, they keep buying them, and not the nibs, so I have decided to not sell the nibs anymore. If anyone wants the nibs, just let me know and I might start carrying them again, but for now I am 100% convinced I have the best tasting cacao beans you can buy anywhere. If you want nibs, you can easily crush these beans anyways…just put the bag on a counter and press down on them with a bowl or cup…instant nibs! By the way, these whole
beans are the identical same bean as the nibs were (in every way) the only difference is that these beans, instead of being in little pieces, are completely whole. (like coffee beans) That’s it. The only thing I can tell that is any different about them is that they do not have any “oxidized” taste that the nibs may have had. These beans are smooth. I think these are definitely the ultimate cacao bean. Your comments and feedback, as always are appreciated. (Thank you, and half-maste.) I have been told that half-maste means “to
pay homage to the inner crazy person within.” Peas.