Maca powder is a miracle. Maca powder is a gift to mankind. Maca powder is a fantastic health product. Maca powder is totally safe. Maca powder is very enjoyable. Maca powder is a phenomenal sex product.

Maca tastes and smells great. (I realize many people will disagree with me…but I absolutely love maca’s organic, sweet, thick, real earthy smell, and taste) Maca has the power to completely change lives. I know because it has totally changed my life. Everything that has been changed by maca in myself is great.

Maca is funny. Even it’s slight smell of Llhama manure is very funny to me. Maca has the ability to make human beings happy…that is the whole beauty and secret of maca, I think. I have tried a lot of natural health products and herbs and assorted remedies, practices, and cures etc. but maca root powder alone has made me genuinely blissful, content, happy, and full of peaceful, satisfied well being.

Every plant has an aura and a soul, each herb has a power and an essence and a life force which the herb selflessly gives to the person who uses it. I am truly in awe and filled with a sincere amazement at all of the beautiful and helpful and beneficient qualities of herbs and plants, and love them and use them very regularly for a million reasons…I mostly use them to feel better and get everything in my body to a better state of health and happiness, but maca is 100% unique and one of a kind in the way it bestows “the whole deal – it’s the whole package”!

Maca seems to do so much and do it so very well, that it seems to do everything to satisfy a human beings need for being healthy, feeling good, and being happy, and completely satisfied in every way. I almost think of maca as being a cure all and the one and only thing that always does what I want it to do.

I love maca! I look forward to having my glass of maca each day. I love the little ceremony of getting my jar of maca out of the cupboard, putting several heaping teaspoons in a glass and then filling the glass with cold water, stirring it, and sitting in front of my “imaca” computer to drink it. That few minutes of each day for me is 100% special and sacred. I enjoy and feel great as soon as I walk to the kitchen to get the maca until I have drank the glass or two of maca and water and began my day.

Maca has made me become a very much more honest person, with a lot more perceptive, sincere, and happy thoughts and feelings. Maca has the ability to affect the hormonal system of a human being in a very deep and profound way, and it slowly but surely makes everything in a person that was once out of balance and out of control…into a balanced state and a state of control, so that a state of homeostasis (a body’s ability to maintain balance) becomes the normal state of being for that person. That is the most profound thing about maca for me, the fact that it does indeed affect your hormones so much and change them to become truly functioning properly and in an optimal state of health.

I have been using maca for about a year now. This year has been absolutely unbelievable. The things that have taken place and the changes I have witnessed in myself and in life and in my relations with this world and other people…are unbelievable. It has been like a miraculous trip, or a journey…towards becoming a fulfilled human being.

Maca just sort of came into my life out of the blue, and ever since I first tried it, I have been experiencing profound, life changing events every day. Each day has truly been another oppportunity to witness what kind of changes will happen that day…and always the events and experiences and changes are positive, good, happy, and thrilling.

There have been a lot of wierd days, I admit…where things have happened that did not seem to be good, (tiredness, feeling spaced out, sore eyes, sometimes a temporary decrease in libido after a long duration of very impressive increases in libido, and wierd feelings and sensations to do with moods and thoughts and attitudes towards serious aspects of my life and myself) but those were always somehow acepted and patiently endured because there was ALWAYS a subtle inner satisfaction and a feeling of contented bliss that would gently remind me that maca indeed does very good things on the level of the hormones, but they just seem a little strange at times.

Bottom line for me now is that after all of this time, I know that the process of change which this little Peruvian adaptogen brings about is 100% beneficial and benign and of the nature of the miraculous and divine, and whatever strange things may be experienced I know now are just bad habits and wrong hormonal functionings that need to be made better and become more proper and healthy. The way maca works is to regulate and balance hormones, and the strange experiences that you sometimes have to go through are simply hormonal changes that are experienced as unusual and hard to rationalize physical events.

After a year of closely observing and analyzing what has taken place in myself because of maca I can state with full confidence that maca is just a miraculous
herb that does amazing things, and now of them are ever harmful or in any way at all negative.

I would like to share some of my thoughts about maca that have become very important and meaningful to me during my last year of steady maca use:

What is sex? Sex is a deep human desire that is always there at all times in all people, but it takes on different expressions or manifestations depending upon a person’s state of evolvement and karma at a particular time. I believe sex is the universal, common, desire of all human beings, and no matter what form it may manifest in, it is always of the nature of being a person’s needs. NEEDS drive a person to look for and participate in sex, and if they are desperate and intense and deep needs (life and death, salvation and damnation) then the sexual desires of the person will be of a very intense and passionate and desperate type. If, on the other hand, a person’s needs are just to have another human being to share love with or companionship etc. well, then the sexual desires of that person will be of a more of a human and warm and giving kind.

In our world there are every type of sexual expressions ranging from indifference and abstinence to obsession and criminality, but I believe it is NEEDS which is the one common fundamental denominator in human beings that sexual desire is based upon…and it is needs that sex really is. The person who is impotent or non-interested in sex, or the person who is enslaved and addicted to sex both have the same basis for their sexual attitude – that of needs needing to be attained through some type of activity of a sexual kind.

How does this have anything to do with maca? Well, maca works by changing the hormonal nature of a man or woman, and I have found that maca can bring about deep and amazing changes to the hormones which govern sexual attitude and needs…and a person’s whole sexual nature can be changed into becoming 100% happy, satisfied, fulfilled, and healthy – completely. Maca can make a phenomenal difference to a person’s life by changing, and improving the nature of the person’s basic sexual needs.

What maca does is start a process within the body of balancing and regulating hormones which gradually brings a person to come to a point where they confront and understand the basis of their own sexual desires. I have witnessed during this year that I have been using maca a complete transformation and transcendence and a revelation of everything to do with sexuality. It has been the most profound and enojoyable, completing and fulfilling, thing that I could ever imagine. It has been more valuable and rewarding and enlightening and satisfying than anything I have ever experienced before, and I owe it totally to maca. Maca is a real sexual miracle. I can’t recommend it high enough. I admit shamelessly that I am a hard core addict to maca. I would not ever want to be without it again. Maca is really THAT good!