Our First Comments About Kanna:
“That’s some pretty amazing stuff. I tried it at noon and am still buzzing!”

“I’ve given the sceletium to a friend who is under a lot of pressure at work and he thinks their fantastic. He calls them “chill pills” and reckons they stop him getting all stressed out. Says he can only take 1, because if he has 2, he not only feels more relaxed, he relaxes sooo much he feels like he “couldn’t give a f*ck”, which isn’t the best way to run a busy business!!!!”

I have tried the Kanna and could
feel instant relief! My husband has been ill, he will get better, but
I was really stressed because I know it creates extra work for me at
home when I need to take five. The Kanna allowed me to keep focused
on helping him with a pleasant outlook. I didn’t feel stressed about
not getting stuff done and was able to take on the extra including the
usual demanding household duties. Last night I slept so soundly I actually felt rested when I woke up. I don’t think that has happened in years! I wish I had known about it sooner!

Kanna….It is wonderful and I have been able to stop taking the Lexapro that was prescribed for me. No side effects from the kanna.I just feel normal.thanks for offering this. A very satisfied customer. please send as soon as you get them.

Hi Ken,
thanks for the kanna. It is a gift from heaven. Once I figured out the on empty stomache part, it got really good.
Thank you God for creating these herbs and thank you Ken for selling them..Thanks for the good quality of all your products so far I got.

We all tried it and it seems like good stuff. It is a good mood enhancer/anti depressant. I can tell you that all of the people (approx 10) we have given them to like them. I certainly hope they don’t make it illegal.

Just tried your Kanna today –
AWESOME – SIMPLY AWESOME – relaxing and peaceful – big help.

Health and home issues were really getting me down recently – I’ve REALLY been feeling hopeless these days (not so sad or anxious, just very under-inspired and purposeless). Anyway, I remembered the kanna and started on some. And from nearly the very first day, I’ve been feeling better than great, like when I was a teen! Way more elevated mood and energy with outright (and sometimes barely containable) elation at times. That stuff is a literal lifesaver!

I feel real good. No nausea or headache and I feel normal but energized and in a very nice mood. I like it! I gave my daughter 50 mg at the same time. She is feeling just like me, no side effects.

I have been taking time to get to know the Kanna. It is a truly wonderful plant. I have been reading about it’s ethnobotany, and carefully using it in varying doses to observe it’s effects. Kanna promotes positive thinking, makes stress melt away and evoking positive, happy thinking. High doses (10+ pills a day) promote vivid dreams, and I even had a dream-hallucination, as the ethnic traditions suggest. Kanna also builds up in the system, with 2-3 day lasting residual effects.