“When the first human clinical trial was conducted, a morbidly obese group of people were placed in a “phase 1 unit”, a place as close to prison as it gets. All the volunteers could do all day was read papers, watch television, and eat. Half were given Hoodia Gordonii, half placebo. Fifteen days later, the Hoodia group had reduced their calorie intake by 1000 a day. It was a stunning success.”

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Hoodia gordonii suppresses appetite and enhances energy. The Root Of The Matter!’s Hoodia Gordonii is certified organically grown in the Kalahari desert in South Africa and is hand selected for optimum potency.�
For hundreds of years, African tribesmen have eaten the Hoodia to suppress hunger and thirst on their long hunting & gathering trips. The Kung bushmen who live around the Kalahari desert in southern Africa used to cut off a stem of the Hoodia gordonii plant about the size of a cucumber and chew on it over a couple of days. The Anikhwe of northern Botswana feed children who “eat too much” pieces of Hoodia gordonii to make them eat less.� Already decades ago obese members of the Khomani community were eating the Hoodia gordonii to slim down.
Hoodia gordonii contains an active ingredient which research has shown could reduce appetite by 40 – 50% (up to 2,000 calories a day for some). It works by mimicking the effect glucose has on the nerve cells in the brain, in effect signaling to us that we are full, even when we are not; thus curbing our appetite.
Hoodia gordonii has no known side effects , and contains a molecule that fools your brain into believing you have just eaten and also enhances your energy levels.�
Here is The Root Of The Matter’s first testimonials:

“Ken, Thanks for the order I placed a little over a week ago. I really am enjoying the new herbs you are now carrying. My wife informs me she really likes the Hoodia she is now taking. My wife has decided she wants me to order 4 bottles of the Hoodia Gordinii.”

“I tried some hoodia I purchased locally at a health food store,
but found it to be lacking……doesn’t seem to be at all as effective as yours…..”

“This Hoodia is authentic. It really does curb your appetite. I have tried several other brands without success. There are lots of fakes out there but this is the real deal!”

“My sister in law says the Hoodia is working for her, she is defintely not eating as much and is actually refusing food sometimes!! She’s delighted.”

(second e-mail from the same lady): “My sis in law continues to have success with Hoodia Gordonii, she says after lunch she could easily not eat till breakfast next day! She does eat supper of course but doesn’t have the desire to.”
Here are some other Testimonials about Hoodia Gordonii from other websites: (since The Root Of The Matter! has just started selling Hoodia, we do not have any testimonials yet, but our supplier tells us that this Hoodia is “way more potent than most of the other Hoodia out there, and it gives great energy”. We think it will be as good or better than any of the other Hoodias being sold. Rest assured though, that if you are not 100% pleased and impressed with our Hoodia, we will refund your money with no questions asked.
Start sending in your testimonials so we can start adding them! Thank you.

Testimonials �����

from USA �What the heck is Hoodia? was my first thoughts. After much research, mainly via the net, I decided to give it a try. Having spent a small fortune on other so called weight loss pills, with really no results to show…Well, why not. That was 4 months ago, and I’m writing to tell you of my success, having dropped 28 pounds, and increased my fitness beyond belief!! �Will I order again….Sure Will.

from Ireland Have so far taken 3 lots of 2 pills, and can certainly feel something happening! I know it’s a bit soon to judge the pills, but I feel at last I have found a real solution to my weight loss problems.

from Canada ��Good morning. Wow what a product. I’ve taken the pills as instructed for nearly 2 weeks, and have already lost 6 pounds. I really can’t believe that at last I have found something which really does work. I’ve just ordered 3 more bottles, as I can see myself taking these for a long time!

from France I’ve been taking Hoodia for sometime now, and have lost around 30 pounds weight. Some days are better than others, a bit like when I quit smoking. I’ve learnt to judge the overall picture, so shrug off the difficult days when I could eat and eat. Without the pills, this would not have been possible.

from USA ��6 months ago I discovered Hoodia pills through an article in a fitness mag. After looking through the web sites, decided to buy from yours. After ripping open the package, took 3 pills with a large glass of water and off to work. Forgot to take the pills with me..darn. Next day started properly. Off to work again, this time with the pills. Took around 6 on that day ( 2 pills 3 times ). Arrived home and headed for the refridgerator. Nothing seemed to have changed. Followed your advice and gave the pills a fair chance to work. I didn’t realise, but I WAS eating less and less as the days went by. As I said, it’s now 6 months down the line. I’ve gone from 250 pounds to 195 pounds, and boy, don’t I feel good! I will not go back to the way I was before. No way.

from Netherlands ��Thank you for my Hoodia pills. I really want to say how pleased I am with the results I have achieved. My friends have noticed a great diference in me. I’ve enclosed a couple of photos for you to see. The results are astonishing, I’m sure you will agree.

from New Zealand I am so impressed by your Hoodia pills. I have been dieting for years without much success. I have tried Slimfast, Atkins, even the Cabbage diet ( YUK ) but nothing compares to Hoodia.

Have taken three per day. Saturday I went to a Christmas party and they had a whole table full of foods. I ate a half slice of roast beef, one cracker and one potato chip!! Did not want any more. Totally felt satisfied without over eating.

This morning, after only four days of Hoodia, I have already lost two pounds … much to my own surprise.

I hit my goal!! I dropped ten pounds over the holidays!!
Ten pounds!!
I attended every family feast. I ate cookies, candy, cake and pie! I eat cheese curls at night in front of the TV.
All the while, maintaining or loosing weight ..
All the time I eat, I’m eating less.
My goal is another thirty pounds.

I took 2 capsules one hour before my meal, when my meal came I just picked at it, my appetite had gone, two hours later I could not be tempted with Barbeque Pringles (which are my favourite) as I just did not feel hungry, the next day when I woke up I was still not hungry, but I took 2 tablets at 9.00 and had a cup of tea and an egg instead of my usual fry up. The only thing I noticed was that I was more thirsty than usual, but I have lost loads of weight taking these capsules, and they really do what they say, I have lost weight and feel really well, this is a very genuine review and I am happy for any body to email me directly so that you know I am genuine, all my mates are amazed at the new slimmer me and are also taking the capsules now, this really does seem to be a breakthrough in dieting.

Truth is, I tried just about every diet pill, including those prescribed by my doctor without losing any real weight. So naturally, when I heard about this new all-natural “miracle” pill that has no side effects I almost passed on it. Thank goodness I didn’t because look at me now! I lost over 60 lbs using Hoodia.

With Hoodia I can face the sea of junk food without caving in… I have become the master of my destiny . Special thanks must go to the maker of this most unusual diet pill. Without its help, I would be still be in dumps getting worse as each day goes by. This product is simply marvelous!