(Be Sure To Check Out Our Three Latest New Exciting Products We Now Offer: Sceletium (Natural Mood Substance), Hoodia (Appetite Suppressant) and Rhodiola (New Siberian Adaptogen) We Just Introduced Them On March 24, 2005!!)

Also, NEW!: 3 Amazing New Products: 1) Kacip Fatimah (Female Libido Booster) 2) Genuine Korean Red GInseng Roots (The Ultimate Ginseng Roots) 3) Dehydrated Fresh Maca Juice Powder (Literally, The Best Product I Have Ever Had In My Whole Life…Stay Tuned! The Stuff Is Unbelievable!!) Also coming: Standardized Saw Palmetto Extract Capsules, “Natural Calm” Water Soluble Magnesium, and Fo-Ti Tieng Roots (Ho Shou Wu)

Update as of December 7, 2005: Maca Monster, (dehydrated maca juice powder) is now ready to pre-order by clicking the Maca Monster link. (Check out the new pictures that have been posted of how the Maca Monster is made!) The Fo-ti roots and the Korean Red Ginseng roots are also now ready to order. The Kacip Fatimah is finally ready for ordering now also! (December 13, 2005) – The Saw Palmetto and Natural Calm webpages are finally posted and finished. Sorry about the delay.

Update As Of December 7, 2005! –
We will be having some new products on our website very soon: 1) Genuine Wildcrafted Tibetan Goji Berries (absolutely delicious and very nutritious, a perfect compliment to maca and cacao beans) 2) Certified Organic Maral Root (Rhaponticum Carthamoides, or Luzea Root) a Siberian adaptogen that is similar to rhodiola 3) Certified Organic Schisandra Berries (a famous chinese adaptogen, known as five flavour herb, because it has every flavour known to man, and is delicious and smells delectable!) 4) Butea Superba (it has been clinically proven to assist with ED, or Erectile Dysfunction)

Update As Of December 13, 2005:
Goji Berries, Schisandra, Maral Root, Butea Superba, and Kacip Fatimah Pages Are All Finished! EVERYTHING on this website is now completelty updated and current!! Feel free to click on and read any page and you will not find any “Under Construction” notices anymore!
Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To You All!

Update As Of January 12, 2006:
Four new products coming soon: 1) Kratom Leaf – (Ken’s 5 star approval rating) It is similar to Sceletium, giving a beautiful experience of “meditative repose” like being in a deep, calm, and peaceful state within 5-10 minutes of taking it, and 2) Frequensea Marine Phytoplankton (a very beneficial product) 3) Camu Camu (a berry that grows wild in Peru, that has the highest known amount of vitamin c on earth) and 4) Pascalite Clay (I am in the process of seeing if I will be able to supply this powder. It is truly awesome, and I sure hope I can, because it should be made known and available to as many people as possible. It is an amazing, all-natural, and very useful healing substance)

Update February 14, 2006:
We now have a new merchant account! You now have a choice of whether you want to pay for your order with PayPal, or with World Pay. (a normal merchant account like most other websites use) Also, you may have noticed that our Kava Root has been removed from our website. That is because PayPal told us we can not sell it on our website if we still want to use PayPal for a merchant account. We are still selling our kava as usual, but now you will need to phone or e-mail in your order for it, that’s all. We are working on a way to have kava on our
website again. We may need to make a website especially for kava. If that is what it takes, that is what we will do.

Update June 4, 2006:
We now have WHOLE peeled cacao beans as well as nibs. (see the cacao page)

Update August 20, 2006:
Wow!!! Watch out for all the new products coming in September!! Ken is very, very, excited about these babies. Here is a brief run-down: 1) Kratom and Camu-Camu (yes, sorry, they were terribly delayed, but by all means are all ready to go now) 2) Shilajit 3) Moomiyo 4) Jiaogulan (also called “Immortality Tea” 4) Swedish Flower Pollen Extract 5) The Exterminator (To exterminate all that is “bugging” you!) 6) Safed Musli Extract 7) Ken’s special sex formula for men called E.H.P. (Extremely Hard Penis) Gotta Love It! Way Cool… 8) Fo-Ti Capsules, Korean Red Ginseng Capsules, Schisandra Capsules, Maral Root Powder & Capsules 9) Olive Leaf, Sutherlandia, and Black Seed Powder.
I would explain all about these new products, but I am just way too busy and I simply do not have the time right now, but for now you can do a google search on them and find out all sorts of great info about them. (or call, or e-mail me, etc.) (or most of them anyways)
Ken says: the products that I already am selling here at The Root Of The Matter! combined with these new ones that are coming out are going to blow minds. Stay Tuned! Ken is using them all now, and feeling so outrageously good, that it actually is approaching the supernatural. Besides that, I WILL have everything on my website completely finished, and ready for sale by around Sept 15-20, 2006. I have been in a temporary hibernation for a while, (actually completely buried by my work…MAN is it busy!) But it will be worth the wait…these are killers, total killers. Oh yeh, one other big exciting change that will be happening very soon is: since Ken is taking so many capsules now (approx. 150 capsules per day, or more…) he has decided to switch his capsules over to Vegicaps very soon. (one can only eat so much gelatine…ya know) Yahoo! That will be happening in about 1-2 months.

Update September 22, 2006:

Sorry. It has simply been way too busy to add any new products to the website yet. Please accept my apology, and I will try and get it done by the beginning of November, 2006. – Ken

Update November 25, 2006:

Many apologies. I realize this is absolutely pathetic…but I still have not had a chance to get all the new products onto the wesbite yet. The truth is: I have simply been TOO DAMN BUSY. It is amazing! I am not in any way complaining (I thank god for being busy each and every day) but I feel so p*** poor pathetic about not being able to get all these incredible products ready for everyone to check them out. So solly cholly, I winged a wong number, I am pathetic.
I am literally working my butt off to try and get everything done as fast as humanly possible, and I will get it all done relatively soon. I see light and a clearing at the end of the tunnel. I will be allright. I shall persevere, I shall prevail. By the way, if anybody in Victoria wants a job as my shipper/
herb-grinder/encapsulator, please do let me know. Thanks. Happy Christmas, Merry New Year, and Hoppy Easter.

Update February 3, 2007:
“Hello Muddah…Hello Faddah…Sorry I Haven’t Done All The Things, Like I Oughta…”
Briefly, it has been so amazingly busy the last few months, I have been absolutely worked to the bone and no matter how hard I tried, there was no possible way I could do all the things I had hoped to and wanted to do. But…without a doubt, very shortly all of these things are going to be done. I have about 20 new products which will be all added to the website very shortly, as well as all of my capsules have been switched over to vegi-capsules now, and I am working very hard on a brand new, pain-free, torture-free, shopping cart for The Root Of The Matter very soon also. I know that I promise and say I will do all these things, and then never get around to doing them, but I am 95% sure that within one month’s time all of these things REALLY will be done. REALLY! (Thanks for your patience.) – Ken

Feb. 27, 2007:
I have started adding the new products. Sorry about the delay. You can see them at this link: The New Products
March 8, 2007
YES!!!!! The Root Of The Matter is going to have a brand new CUSTOMER FRIENDLY
SHOPPING CART very soon!!!! It is being constructed right now. Stay tuned! It will be fully functioning within 1 week. Ahhhhhh…yes!

Update March 19, 2007:
Our new shopping cart is just about fully operational, and will definitely be ready within 1 week max! It is a thing of beauty, professional, easy to use, and “non-painful”. You’re gonna LOVE IT!

Update April 7, 2007:
The shopping cart is about 3-4 days away from being operational now. Just putting the final touches on it.