The Root Of The Matter! now sells Gelatinized maca. If you are not familiar with what Gelatinized maca is, Gelatinzed maca is maca which has undergone a special scientific process called “Gelatinization” that removes most of the starch content from the crushed maca roots in order to improve assimilation, make it easier to digest, and concentrate the active ingredients within. This process is done by an engineer at Universidad Agraria La Molina in Peru, and we have been given an official certificate by the Lab of Universidad Agraria La Molina which indicates that the index of gelatinization (the percentage of starch molecules which has been removed from the raw maca) of our maca is 100%.

Message From Ken Johnson, Owner Of The Root Of The Matter!:

“I recieved my first 2 kilogram sample of Gelatinized maca on January 26. I tried a couple teaspoons of it in a glass of water, and I was overjoyed and amazed at how powerful it was. It is an incredible maca, pure, strong, easy to digest, quickly assimilated, tastes great, and is amazingly effective. Compared to our regular maca I think this Gelatinized maca is as good in every way, but it is also more concentrated, you do not have to use as much of it, and it is easier on a person’s stomach and digestive system if there is any sensitivities that way. I have been using it for about 5 days now, and I am overwhelmed with the quality of it, I love the taste of it, and the energy it gives me is unbelievable. It is an incredible maca. I can not wait for other people to try it to see what they think of it also.”


The Root Of The Matter! Gelatinized maca is 1) dark brown color 2) it weighs more per spoonful, in other words it is more dense, more concentrated, and more solid, than the powdery, light texture of our raw maca 3) it is “grainy”, sort of like pelletized or granulated maca as opposed to powder, though it is powdery also 4) it smells different, very rich, sweet and almost nutty or malty. You could say it has a roasted coffee sort of aroma. It smells very nice. 5) It is easy to digest. Their is no sensation of starchiness, or “ugh!” when you swallow it. It does not have any “heaviness” or harshness. It has no bitterness, or “raw” bitey sort of flavour to it, it is very concentrated and pleasant and easy to swallow and digest. 6) it is easily absorbed, surprisingly so. It gets into the body very fast and starts being used and becoming effective very quickly. 7) the effect is amazing, it makes you feel so very, very, good. It is powerful, concentrated, and a very high quality maca that is amazing for it’s uplifting and energizing and mood elevating properties. 8) It has very high quality libido enhancing effects, but it is different from the raw maca, in that the Gelatinized maca makes you feel very “good” and “noble” and mature, loving, and positive, not “uncontrollable”, wild, primal, or crazy. There is something about raw maca’s effect of turning men or women into depraved, lustful, and intense sex perverts that so far the Gelatinized maca has not done, (however it has only been a week since we started using it, so this could change) but it is every bit as great as the raw maca’s libido effect, except for the effect of the Gelatinized maca is awesome in the way that it makes you so happy, confident, generous, caring, and beneficial, rather than lustful, and desperately filled with desires and primal appetites. 9) the elevation of one’s mood and inner sense of happines and well-being from this Gelatinized maca root powder is unreal. You have to try it and see for yourself to see what it is like.

General Observations:

First of all, our Gelatinized maca is made from the exact same raw organic Peruvian maca roots that our raw maca is made from. There is no difference to the maca. The maca that we carry at The Root Of The Matter! is the best that we have been able to find. We have been loving it and using it now for over a year, and we will only say one thing: we would not use another maca now if we were paid to or given it free. The Root Of The Matter! has stood the test of time, it is a great maca! With The Root Of The Matter! Gelatinized maca now, it is just a different form of processing the maca roots. Instead of being milled and made into a fine powder the Gelatinized maca is sent to an engineer at Universidad Agraria La Molina in Peru, and undergoes a scientific process whereby more than 95% of the starch molecules are removed. It makes it incredibly tasty, concentrated, assimilable, and very pure and high quality. It smells great, it dissolves in liquids better (you don’t have to stir for a long time) and it is a different texture – more of a “crystally” sort of powder. But it is exactly the same great organic sun dried non-irradiated maca root that we have used for over a year now and have come to absolutely love, and had absolutely nothing but great, positive and wonderful comments from all of our customers about. With this The Root Of The Matter! Gelatinized maca root now, we believe it is a maca which is perfect for everyone.