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The Root Of The Matter now sells Certified Organic American Ginseng capsules!! Our bottles each contain 100 large “00” size capsules, that contain 650 mg. of pure american ginseng root powder in each capsule.
Facts about The Root Of The Matter! american ginseng: many companies who sell ginseng root powder use 2nd grade roots and “fiber” (the thin little tails that break off of the whole ginseng roots) because it is a lot cheaper to buy than whole 1st grade roots. We use only 100% whole 1st grade roots for our powder, the exact same roots as we sell. Also, we use 5 year old ginseng roots, which is older than most american ginseng roots are generally. Ginseng becomes more potent and effective the longer it is allowed to grow.
2) If an american ginseng is not certified organic, there is a high likelihood that it has been heavily sprayed with pesticides and herbicides because cultivated ginseng is so susceptible to fungus and disease. There is a joke among conventional (non-organic) ginseng growers that if you ever need pesticide but the store is not open, you can just melt down some non-organic american ginseng and use it for pesticide. Our certified organic ginseng does not have ANY pesiticides or herbicides or chemicals used on it at all.
3) When american ginseng is ground up using high speed milling machines, the heat that is produced from the friction of the hard ginseng roots hitting the blades at such high speeds can considerably heat up the ginseng and affect the quality of the ginseng powder. We have seen ginseng powders that are almost like cooked ginseng after they go through the high speed milling process. Our ginseng is milled by a slow speed milling machine that is specially made for minimizing the “heat rise”. It keeps the ginseng in as close to it’s natural, fresh, and aromatic state as possible. People comment on our american ginseng and say that it is “fresh”.
I Just wanted to let you know, “I Got MY ROOTS” I have to tell you that it was well worth the wait, the roots are just wonderful, thank you very much. I am afraid to stop it during cold/flu season. I have younger kids and our house has been infected with 2 rounds of strep and colds and I am the only one who has not become sick yet!!! I truly believe in the power of the almighty ginseng root!
Might I also mention that awhile ago I purchased some sliced roots from —— Ginseng Store. Their roots cannot hold a stick to your roots. The taste is very different and your roots have a great flavor. I can’t stop eating them!

I will also be ordering American gingseng- I am hooked on that.
American Ginseng (Panax Quinquefolius, Panax Quinquefolia):
There are only two different types of real ginseng that exist, those being American ginseng and Asian ginseng. Both of them are known as panax ginseng, because of the root word panax that is in their latin names. Many people have heard of or are familiar with Siberian ginseng, but it is not a true ginseng at all, it has been given that name only as a sort of nickname. American ginseng has grown in North America for hundreds of years, in the north-eastern United States and Canada. The native indians revered and used American ginseng very much, and since the 1700’s it became very popular and sought after by the rest of the world also. There is a very rich history of American ginseng being a very valuable crop and being sold a lot and a lot of money being made from it, and because of that it was almost wiped out of existence due to over harvesting.
The reasons why people take American ginseng are as follows: 1) it is a great stress fighter, and energizer 2) promotes overall health and vitality, and builds up the body’s resistance to all forms of disease 3) it has aphrodisiac properties to it, and improves the strength, endurance, and power of sexual desires 4) normalizes immune system functioning and levels, balances the metabolism, fights fatigue, and relieves nervousness 5) lowers cholesterol levels, increases oxygenation to the cells and tissues, regenerates damaged cells 6) enhances the feeling of overall well being, stimulates the nervous system, brain, and heart. 8) stimulates the mind and heart resulting in improvements in thinking, quicker reaction times, improved circulation 9) increases athletic performance, makes a person tougher, and better able to engage in sports and related activities 10) is good for indigestion, hangovers, and urinary problems, and it cools down the system when overly warm.
11) American ginseng improves quality of life, improves sex life, helps with premature ejaculation, calms a person and makes them happier, and is very good for heart problems 12) reduces the risk of cancer, one study found that with people over the age of 40 those who use American ginseng were approx. 70% less likely to get cancer than non-users and the more frequently American ginseng was consumed the less the chance of getting it there was 13) lowers blood sugar levels for people with diabetes (and even for people who do not have diabetes), tests have shown American ginseng lowered blood sugar levels by 20% in people who have diabetes 14) dramatically alters the body’s reactions to all forms of stress thereby reducing all of the resulting symptoms that usually result from stress 15) slows down the aging process, making you feel younger and more vital 16) reduces moderately high blood pressure, raises low blood pressure, improves vision and hearing, improves sleeping patterns 17) allows the body not to overload on stress, the body becomes better at handling stress.
American ginseng is known in traditional chinese medicine as a “cooling” ginseng. Asian ginseng is known as “hot”, or heating ginseng. Herbalists do not as a rule recommend asian ginseng for women, young people, or for use in hot weather. American ginseng can be used in all of these scenarios with no problems at all. Also American ginseng is generally regarded as a long term use herb that can be taken for prolonged periods of time because of the effect being subtle and not overly noticeable or dramatic, but asian ginseng is not recommended to be taken for prolonged periods of time, but rather in cycles of on again off again use. American ginseng can be regarded as a long term, every day tonifying herb, whereas asian ginseng can be thought of more as a stimulating, powerful herb to be taken for shorter periods of time whenever there is the need for a building up the system quickly with stimulating, and heating energy.
There are many ways to use American ginseng. You can chew on the whole root, you can slice up the root into smaller bite size pieces, (the root can be sliced quite easily with a knife if you make it softer by throwing it in a steamer for a while), you can put the powdered American ginseng into capsules which is an extremely convenient and easy way to take American ginseng, or you can make a tea from the whole roots or the powder. You can also make a tincture from the roots or powder by letting them soak for a week to ten days in alcohol to draw out all of the active ingredients and transfer it to the liquid. The powder can also be used in soups, stews and assorted other slow cooking meals.
Our Root Of The Matter! Organic American Ginseng Roots:
The first time Ken Johnson, the owner of The Root Of The Matter! tried this American ginseng, he was ecstatic! It was a beautiful sunny spring day in Victoria, B.C. and he spent the whole morning driving around his home town chewing on a couple of American ginseng roots. He says that the way they made him feel was like something out of a dream, that the life force in these roots is of an extremely good, earthy, organic quality. He remarked that he had not ever imagined that he could have felt that good just by chewing on some ginseng, and that the stress relieving quality of this American ginseng is just fantastic. Ken was immediately sold on these American ginseng roots, and has been taking them every day in the powder form ever since with great results.
The roots are 5 years old. They are not as large as some American ginseng roots can be, but they are excellent quality, with very active ginsenosides, and strong effect. Grown in British Columbia, Canada they are certified organic, and have been lab tested for strength and quality. (5% ginsenosides) They are grown in the far north of B.C. where it is very clean, fresh, and unpolluted there, and the atmosphere and air is very healthy, and that may account for why they have such rejuvenating and invigorating and stress relieving powers. They have a beautiful, clean, “woodsy” smell to them with strong, organic, natural taste. They have a nice bright white color, that seems to glow with the powerful life force.
Ken admits that he is not an American ginseng “kind of guy”, preferring Asian ginseng, and has never really acquired much of a passion for white ginsengs. But this American ginseng has rekindled a strong interest and curiosity in American ginseng again, and has turned him into a sincere appreciator of Western ginseng. He has used American ginseng on and off before but never really noticed all that much of a difference from using it, but this one he says really makes him feel great, and helps immensely with his life in many ways. The Root Of The Matter! American ginseng appears to be a very effective, potent, and helpful American ginseng. Ken uses this American ginseng every day but also uses the chinese red ginseng along with it periodically “in spurts”. He says that they really work well together, and that the benefits of each can be much better noticed when they are both being used regularly. Ken says that ginseng is like passion…you have to constantly feed the soul with it to keep yourself as intense as you can possibly be. These two ginsengs work really well together for attaining a balanced yin and yang nature.