Worried about the gifts you have to give to your friends and family this season? There is no need to be worried anymore. You can just pick a state of the art airsoft gun from the airsoft guns store in Toronto and you are good to go.

It does not matter whether they are an honored veteran of the game or just the new entrant, a good airsoft gun will always help you out when you are in a tight spot. Don’t worry if you don’t know which one to choose. We have created a list of airsoft guns that you should check out before buying any gifts this season. Check it out.

H&K 416A5 AEG

airsoft guns store in Toronto

This particular airsoft rifle is a great choice for both the beginners as well as the veterans in the game. The rifle is fully electric and its body is created with heavy metal. This is what gives this gun a real weight and makes it durable enough to take multiple hits in an airsoft battle.

The butt of the rifle is made with slip-resistant rubber, which made it easier for you to aim at your enemies during the battle. It also reduces the chances of misfires when you aim. 

The quick spring change system helps you to change the rate of fire very efficiently. The adjustable telescopic lens is perfect for the player of every size. As it comes with flip-up rear and font size, you don’t need to buy any optical accessories from airsoft guns store in Toronto.

Ronin TK.45C “Tekken” 2.5 Keymod AEG

airsoft guns store in Toronto

If you are a fan of the Tekken series, then you must get this rifle from the market. This is the perfect rifle for the battle of any size. The best part is that you can swap the metal modular of the upper receiver of this rifle with any other AEG 2.5 or 3 models.

The integrated Picatinny rails and the keymod will allow you to make the changes in your rifles according to your convenience. You can also flip down the rear and the front sights of this rifle and create enough room to attach your favorite optical accessories.

Along with that the Tekken also comes with ambidextrous controls, adjustable hop-up and adjustable stocks to handle the different wind conditions and ranges. The toy box gadget that comes with this rifle is simply the cherry on the top. You can use the toy box to take yourself out of any jam.

CM 16 ARP9 Carbine AEG

airsoft guns store in Toronto

If you are trying to get a new weapon in your airsoft arsenal, then this is one you should buy from the airsoft gun store in Toronto. The compact and high-quality polymer carbine makes this rifle lighter but super durable. The inner barrel of the rifle is short, which makes it perfect for the rifle in the close-quarter battle. However, if you are taking up a long-range fight, this rifle can still be of great use.

So, these are the top airsoft rifles that you can buy from the airsoft guns store in Toronto as a perfect present for your friends and family members. If they are a fan of the battle game, they will be thankful for your gift.